5 Signs That You’re Not Built For A Long-Term Relationship And Why That’s Okay

Not everyone is made for long-term commitments. 

For a lot of people who get into new relationships, they just get right down to it. They try to gauge whether their partners have the real potential to actually sustain long-term relationships with them. They don’t want to waste their time with people just aren’t made for being in long-term romances and so they want to be able to spot the signs early. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that relationships don’t always have to be built for the long-term. It’s definitely not for everyone. And while modern media keeps on shoving the idea of lifelong romances down peoples’ throats, it’s very easy for people to forget that there are other options. If you feel like you’re not really built for a long-term romance, then that’s okay. You should embrace that part of yourself. Besides, the only logical reason as to why you would want to be in a long-term relationship in the first place would be because you genuinely want to it can’t be because it’s what you think society expects of you.

There are plenty of other alternatives to being in a lifelong relationship with another person. That’s not the only path that all social creatures are forced to take. We are all very unique and special individuals who have to live our lives the way that we want to. Some of us are going to be polygamous never content with staying with one person at a time. Some of us are just inherently noncommittal not wanting to be with a single person for prolonged periods of time. Relationships are just infinitely complicated because there are so many variables that come into play with relationships. There is no definitive set of rules that you necessarily need to abide by when it comes to relationships. You just have to stick to your preferences and hope that you meet people who will be able to fill in that void in your life.

However, it all really starts with knowing just what it is you really want out of life and relationships. You have to make it a point to just be honest and upfront with yourself and with the people that you intend to date. You don’t want to be leading anyone on especially when you know that you don’t share similar standards and expectations. You have to be considerate of the feelings of your partner, and that’s why you need to come clean about what you want out of your relationships. And that all begins with you really coming to terms with what you want in your heart. And once you’re sure of what you want, you need to make sure to maintain a code of authenticity. You need to always be real and true to your potential dates about who you are and what you need from them. You need to be clear about your boundaries and your personal principles. From the understanding that you can forge with your honesty, you can then build on the nuances of establishing a dynamic for your relationship.

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It’s a lot to really think about and it can overwhelm a lot of people. But it’s still necessary. So how do you know if you’re someone who just isn’t built for being in long-term relationships? Well, you just have to take an objective look at your life. You need to set all your biases aside and assess the way that you live your life. And if you find that you are guilty of a lot of the items that are listed on here, then it’s highly likely that you just aren’t built for long-term romances.

1. You are an inherently independent human being.

You can get things done on your own. A lot of people get into relationships because they feel like they need partners when they have to face their problems. But you’re not like that. Whenever you’re faced with adversity, you take it all on by yourself.

2. You don’t like the feeling of being chained or tied down.

You have a free spirit and you would never want to compromise that aspect of your personality. You know that long-term relationships require some sense of domestication. You never want that for yourself.

3. You find that the happiest moments of your life are when you’re alone.

If you know that you’re happiest when you are alone, then that is a good sign that constant companionship just isn’t really your thing.

4. You aren’t fond of sharing.

Sharing isn’t necessarily your forte. You don’t like how in relationships, you have to share your time, space, and personal belongings with anyone. You mostly like to keep things to yourself. You like maintaining boundaries.

5. You would rather prioritize other things in life over your relationships.

You are too engrossed in your personal passions, hobbies, and your career. You wouldn’t want to have to be put in a position where you are compromising these aspects of your life for a relationship.

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