5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Him Fall In Love

Do you have your eyes set on a guy lately? Do you want him to be head over heels for you? are you wondering what to do to make him really, really like you? Well, the good news there is hope, and that’s because there are a couple of necessary things that can guarantee he will end up falling for you. If you want to be in control of how he feels about you like you’re pushing a button, then there are a few things you need to familiarize yourself with. The power of psychology makes it easy for you to make a man feel about you the same way you feel about him. You don’t have to be in a fix if he doesn’t like you back right now because that won’t lost too long. Here’s how:

1. Get his adrenaline rushing

The secret to getting a guy to fall in love with you is through his heart and that sounds simple doesn’t it? Except that it’s actually a little more complicated. The thing is, you’ve got to get his heart pumping like he’s been running a marathon. Like he’s been on a roller coaster. That adrenaline rush is going to make his mind, and his body is aroused in your presence. It creates a much more intimate and profound connection than you’d reckon. Anything you do that he finds considerably or better yet, very exciting will really get him going for you.

Play sports with him, maybe even do something adventurous, a super competitive board game, watch a movie that makes a very intense experience, and whatever else will get his heart racing. Don’t underestimate the power of getting his adrenaline pumping. It’s going to make him feel excited like a child, and it is going to make him want you around him all the time.


2. Up your game of bodily contact

At its initial stage, the relationship is all about lust. That’s why the relationship feels so good at first. Lust is a human emotion that makes dopamine take over the brain, and that’s precisely what makes it so pleasurable for people not to mention addicting. The dopamine is precisely what results in two people thinking of each other all the time when they’re only just getting to know each other.

We all know this dopamine filled phase doesn’t last forever. It’s actually a pretty short-lived phase of a relationship. However, you can keep those magical chemicals flowing because of lust still going for him if you cuddle with him, a lot. Cuddling releases tons of dopamine into the brain and for all the right reasons. It drives him close to you, and it creates this bond of intimacy that you’re craving to have with him.


3. Tell him your secrets

When you tell someone the things you wouldn’t usually tell just anyone, things that are secretive, stuff you’d prefer to keep to yourself, you bring them very, very close to yourself. Its one of the most fool-proof ways of building trust between a man and yourself. It works. Tell him secrets about yourself and watch this trick work its magic almost instantly. It will make him believe you trust him and he will subconsciously reciprocate by trusting you in return.

If he feels like you’re comfortable telling him your secrets, he will open up and tell you secrets about himself too because you will have created an atmosphere of trust between the two of you.
But, be careful. Information overload is bad for the both of you. He may not be able to absorb all the information coming his way, and maybe, just maybe, he will not do the same thing in return. So, tread carefully while you tell things to him; just do enough to make him feel like he is being trusted. Not any less, not anymore. Telling him too much can backfire and have its negative consequences you wouldn’t want to deal with.

4. Talk about yourself more often

Spend more time having genuine, honest conversations about yourself and about him, with him. Start with the basics: your likes and dislikes, where you’re from, about yourself, about your hometown, your hobbies, etc. etc. and always remember to leave some space for him to tell you things about himself in return too. Be patient while you’re doing this. The more the two of share with each other, the better and stronger your bond will become, and then there’s nothing that can stop him from falling for you like no other.

5. See him often

Meet him. How regularly you’re meeting him determines the number of things you both get to do together and the more you guys do all kinds of stuff together, the more your chances of growing closer and closer to each other shoot up. Try and have a fun time with him. Tag along with him when he goes to walk his dog, go on dates, go to the movies, make out with him, play games together and whatnot. When you’re trying to win a man’s heart, the power of physical proximity must never be underrated.

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