6 Social Media Habits Your Partner Does Which Prove That They Care About You

Social media habits can say a lot about someone’s feelings for you.

It doesn’t matter just how important a role social media might play in your own individual life, there is no denying the significance of this technological marvel in the modern world. And you have to be able to see social media as another tool or vehicle for you to get closer to your partner whether you like it or not. The world is changing, and those who fail to adapt are going to end up on the losing end. If you’re young and in love, it’s highly unlikely that you don’t incorporate social media into your daily life already anyway.

So you probably already know just how significant of an impact social media can have on the relationships of people. And when you know that you have a partner who makes the use of social media in ways that positively impact your relationship, then you know that you have a relationship that is worth being thankful for. Now, of course, not all couples are going to be so active on social media, and that’s okay.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they have bad relationships. In fact, social media in itself shouldn’t be used as a gauge in determining the strength of a romance. However, for those couples who are active on social media, you can really tell a lot about your partner based on how they conduct themselves in relation to you within this virtual space.

Of course, naturally, when you first get into a relationship with someone, you won’t necessarily want to be too forward or aggressive with your social media conduct. You won’t want to be liking every single photo and commenting on every single post. You don’t want to come off as an obsessive creep after all. But when things in your relationship really start to stabilize and you become really official as a couple, then you shouldn’t be holding back any longer.

Again, it’s important to emphasize that social media practices aren’t necessarily the only way to gauge the strength of a relationship. There are plenty of very strong and healthy couples that don’t have to resort to social media usage to solidify their love for one another. But it doesn’t hurt to be socially active on the internet either. And if you find that a lot of the things that are listed on here actually apply to your relationship and your partner, then it would be safe for you to assume that they really do care about you.

1. They will consistently engage in your posts and stories on social media.

Whenever you post something, they are always so quick to comment on it. Whenever you share a funny video or a meme, they will always be quick to click like. Whenever you update your profile picture, you can bet that they aren’t just going to ignore it. When you post a story, they will always make sure to view it. They will never want to leave you hanging on social media.

2. They wouldn’t be afraid of broadcasting your relationship on their profiles.

They won’t necessarily have to plaster your face all over their social media profiles. But they wouldn’t be shy about it either. They would have no problems with letting the world know that you’re together; whether it be in the form of a profile photo or a relationship status.

3. They will tag you on posts and photos that they know you would enjoy.

Your partner will want to engage with you as much as possible. They will want to connect with you in whatever medium that they can make use of. And that’s why whenever they see an engaging article or a funny photo on their social media feeds, they would just tag you right away; just so you have something else to talk about and bond over.

4. They will add your friends on social media as well.

The integration of social circles is always a very important milestone for any relationship. And when your partner is someone who actually makes the effort to be friendly with your own personal set of friends, then you really know that they’re serious about being with you. They don’t take this relationship that you have lightly at all.

5. They willingly take photos of you whenever you ask them to.

It’s a very aesthetically-driven society that we live I today, and we all just have to learn to accept it. So if you want to take a really nice photo of yourself when you’re out on a trip, and your partner obliges in helping you out, then you know that they genuinely care about you. They don’t just “tolerate” these quirks about you; they really do support you.

6. They will post something cheesy about your relationship every once in a while.

And of course, the occasional cheesy post is something that should be expected; particularly during significant relationship moments such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and such.

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