6 Ways You Can Be A Real Gentleman In A World Full Of Boys

  • Have you ever wondered that despite having a friendly dating relationship, why your girlfriend has left you?
  • Why your girlfriend has not considered you as her life partner?

You can’t always blame a girl for being unfaithful or complicated or unstable. Maybe she is unable to find what she is looking for in a life partner. Maybe she is not seeing that gentleman in you that she has always dreamed of. Maybe she is not comfortable with the fact that you are just a boy and not a gentleman.

While referring to the term “gentleman”, I don’t mean to judge a man in terms of economical and social standards. Being a gentleman is a complete lifestyle. You have to be a gentleman in the modern sense.

Today, I am not going to refer to the acts of chivalry to become a gentleman; I have already been discussing those traits in my previous posts. I am going to focus on the mindset of a modern gentleman; a man with class, who is well aware of his social, spiritual, and emotional being and is willing to make an effort to be a better man first and finally a better human being.

1. The Modern Gentleman Is Composed

Boys these days are irrational in their approach towards others and also to their own life. They boast about their sexual interactions, they hook up with more than one girl to show off their masculine power, they are intolerant towards everyone around them, they don’t let go of any chance of humiliating others, they take pride in their abusive language, they offend people around with their emotional outbursts. Such a category of boys doesn’t even stand anywhere near the term gentleman’.

A true gentleman is totally opposite to all that I have mentioned above. A gentleman is composed at all times, in all his dealing with others and in every walk of life. He won’t lose his temper and his self-control no matter how bad the day is.

Maintaining a composed and peaceful emotional state is the basic attribute of a trueВ gentleman.

2. The Modern Gentleman Is Humble

With success comes confidence and with confidence comes in arrogance and a sense of superiority. Many guys today not only consider themselves superior to others, but they also humiliate and look down upon others to prove their power.

How can a girl have respect for you if you are not humble towards others?

The modern gentleman is humble towards everyone they meet, regardless of their power and authority. Their superior position doesn’t hinder them from being modest and humble to others.

A true gentleman doesn’t see himself as better or worse than others and doesn’t consider others any way superior or inferior to him.

3. The Modern Gentleman Has An Impeccable Speech

Men these days don’t really give importance to this important aspect of being a gentleman; their speech, vocabulary, and talking mannerism. It is so common to see men all dressed up in designerВ suits andВ exhibiting a highly sophisticated outlook, but when you talk to them, you find them swearing, bragging, nagging, giving sarcastic remarks, and always boasting about themselves own self.

A gentleman has an impeccable speech, knows what he is talking about, and takes responsibility for his every word. His vocabulary also matches with his gentleman persona when he engages you in a conversation with him.

4. The Modern Gentleman Is NotВ Driven By Desires

This generation is driven by their desires which is a major flaw. Men these days are literally motivated by only one thing; their wants and desires. They simply have no vision.

A gentleman, on the contrary, evaluates his every move and he is cautious about his every action. It is normal to let loose sometimes, but it should not be a regular practice.

All of the actions and moves of a modern gentleman are driven by the fact that he wants to make this world a better place.

5. The Modern Gentleman Is Respectful

The whole idea of being a gentleman can be covered in just one word; ˜respect’. A true gentleman is always respectful to his own self, to people around him, and to the people he wants to be around. Irrespective of the social, economical, and spiritual status of people, a true gentleman treats everyone with respect.

6. The Modern Gentleman Lives For Something Greater Than Himself

Today, boys and men really find it difficult to be kind to others and to go out of their way to help or assist a stranger or they don’t bother assisting even their acquaintances. This is the reason why humanity is coming to an end.

A real gentleman never focuses on himself alone; he lives for things greater than himself. He is well aware of the people around him and makes every possible effort to make this world a better place to live.

Whether it’s lending a hand to a neighbor, being polite and caring towards the elderly, being considerate to the subordinate staff at work, greeting a passer-by or a stranger, or being thoughtful towards servants, waiters, and bartenders; a gentleman always keeps others ahead of his own self.

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