7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Think About Going On A Second Date

What’s your worst dating experience so far?

We’ve all probably had our fair share of bad dates in the past. That’s should be of no surprise to anyone. Bad dates happen all the time and it can be brought about by compatibility issues or just plain character flaws. However, what would be surprising to note is just how many people still consider the thought of going on second dates despite the supreme failure of the first date. A lot of people succumb to the idea of still going on second dates because they have no way of possibly gauging whether the first date was a disaster or not. They have an idea of how the initial date made them feel, but they don’t have a structured way of thinking about it. Usually, a disastrous first date would be enough to tell you that you just aren’t going to work out as a couple. That’s why you need to be vigilant and introspective when it comes to considering the possibility of a second date.

The fact of the matter is that you shouldn’t be wasting your time. Why would you put so much effort and thought into a second date if you’re just not going to work out in the end? You are going to save yourself a lot of time and work if you just call it quits after the first date. Make sure that you go ahead and ask yourself these questions to really find out whether this person is worth going out on a second date with or not.

1. How did your date treat the waiters or the service people?

Was your date nice to the waiters who served you during your dinner? Did your date get upset at your Uber driver for missing a turn or for being a little late? Was your date acting rude or bratty at any point during your date towards the people who were serving you? Remember that however a person treats strangers is an accurate indication of their character. If your date was rude to waiters, then you can bet he’s a rude guy in general.

2. How many questions did your date ask you about your life?

Did he genuinely make an effort to find out more about your life? Or was majority of the night spent talking about just how amazing he is as a person? You shouldn’t really be entertaining the idea of a second date with a guy who didn’t express any interest in you. You don’t want to bear the hassles of dating someone who is completely self-centered and narcissistic. It’s fine for someone to talk about himself, but he should also make an effort to know more about you as well.

3. How much did you laugh throughout the date?

Humor is a great way to gauge the comfort and chemistry in the relationship. If the both of you share the same sense of humor, it means that you won’t have any trouble being comfortable around each other in the long run. You will always have your shared sense of humor to fall back on whenever things get tense. But if you just don’t jive in that aspect of the relationship, things can get fairly awkward really quickly. – Continue reading on the next page

4. How much time did your date spend on his cellphone?

If he spent the majority of the night just browsing his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, just forget about him. You only deserve to be dating a man who gives you all of his attention. It would be fine for him to answer some important messages or phone calls here and there. But if he’s practically glued to his phone for most of the date, then he just isn’t worthy of any second chances. Move on and find someone else.

5. Was there some kind of spark or chemistry between the two of you?

A first date is always going to be enough for anyone to tell whether there’s an emotional connection or not. If you didn’t feel like there was a spark between the both of you, then you really don’t have to force things with a second date. There should have been a natural chemistry right at the start if you really had a chance at going all the way.

6. Did he make an effort to seem affectionate?

Was he acting cold, distant, and disinterested? That game doesn’t work anymore and you shouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. He already agreed to going out with you and he shouldn’t have been playing the hard-to-get game with you anymore. He should have been very much into it.

7. Did he pay attention whenever you were talking?

You can really tell when someone is interested in you because they actually make an effort to listen to everything that you’re saying. They don’t just nod their heads in agreement all the time. They will actually engage in intellectual conversations with you. They will want to gradually go deeper and deeper as they discover more about you. That’s the only type of guy you should want to have a second date with.

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