There is always going to be a price to pay for strength. When a woman actually chooses to portray her true self in a genuine and unfiltered manner, that doesn’t always make her the most popular person in the world. A lot of times, strong and independent women tend to live very lonely and solitary lives because of their off-putting personalities. They are very confident people and they know that they are capable of finding success in this life on their own. But their confidence can be perceived as threatening to very insecure people.

A strong woman is someone who learns very early on in her life that she is going to have to make a lot of difficult decisions. And she also knows that she has to stand by her choices. She knows that she always has to live a life of conviction and principle. She isn’t really interested in living the kind of life that pleases everyone. She isn’t really interested in not offending every single person around her. She isn’t going to be craving for the approval and admiration of those around her. She isn’t really all that keen on being branded as a “nice” lady if that means her being quiet and unnoticeable. She would rather stay true to herself even if that means having other people become turned off by her personality.

She is always committed to living a life that is led by her personal conscience. She really doesn’t express any interest in fitting the molds that other people want to set for her. She has her own personal standards of success. She has her own personal expectations that she has set for herself. She isn’t going to care about being criticized for living the life that she wants to live.

It’s not really an easy choice that she has to make. But she knows that just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean that it isn’t the right one. It’s made harder because she lives a life of loneliness and solitude a lot. And there’s a really good explanation as to why that is so. If you read on further, you will find out why a lot of strong and independent women tend to feel lonely.

1. You always stay principled and uncompromising.

You are the type of woman who is always so uncompromising with your principles. You always stand your ground. You are grounded with a strong set of principles that serve as the foundation of your life. And a lot of people can be turned off with how your steadfastness is just so strong. It often reminds insecure people of how weak they are.

2. You don’t believe in playing by the rules for the sake of it.

You know that there are certain social constraints and rules that are set by people around you. However, you aren’t really a rule-follower. You are a natural rebel. You always like to question authority. You always like to combat every rule that you think just isn’t worth following. You aren’t so fond of just always doing things the way that they’ve always been done.

3. You don’t really like to entertain fake and phony human beings.

You have no tolerance for insincerity. You don’t like it whenever people aren’t being real with you. You absolutely hate it whenever people lie to you to protect you from your own feelings. You always want people to be straight with you. You don’t waste time on people who don’t show their true colors.

4. You are not fond of showing off your vulnerability to others.

In order for other people to trust you, you always have to allow yourself to be vulnerable to a certain extent. However, you are comfortable with doing so. You don’t really like to give other people the power to hurt you. That’s why no one can ever bring themselves to trust you.

5. You have a very intimidating and intense personality.

You are such a strong person. However, you can be very intimidating to a lot of weak and insecure people. Your sheer intensity and passion for life can be very scary for a lot of people – most especially the ones who like to lead quiet and simple lives.

6. You don’t really crave for attention.

You aren’t really the type of person who tries to go out of your way to beg for the attention of other people. And as a result, no one really gives you their attention. No one really pays you any mind because you don’t make any efforts to be noticed by anyone at all.

7. You don’t always take the popular opinion.

You like to go against the grain. You aren’t a blind lamb. You don’t just follow people for the sake of following. And you can be seen as a threat by people who always like to establish a sense of order and control.

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