7 Signs That He’s Just Not Ready To Commit To You

If they’re not ready, don’t force them.

Have you ever tried dating this one guy for a while and even after a few months into it, he still refused to call you his girlfriend? You virtually did everything together that normally would have constituted the both of you as a real couple by contemporary standards. And yet, he could just never bring himself to call you his girl; to brand himself as your boyfriend. You’ve been out on a lot of dates together. You’ve taken trips and vacations with just the two of you. You have been each other’s dates to weddings and other important social affairs. You have even met each other’s parents already. So you’re basically a real couple, right? So why can’t he just admit that to you out loud? Why can’t he just outright call you his girlfriend already? What’s holding him back from doing so?

There’s only one reason for that and you really have to stop blinding yourself. Open your eyes and seek the truth. Accept the reality of your unfortunate situation. Your man is just totally afraid to commit to you. It’s uncertain whether he’s afraid of committing to you in particular or if he’s just afraid of commitment in general. In any case, that’s very unfortunate news for you. You can’t afford to be in denial about this. Whenever you find yourself in this kind of situation, it’s better for you to really force the issue. Compel your guy to really define where you both stand in the relationship.

That way, you won’t end up wasting your time with someone who had no plans of going all the way with you in the first place. But how do you really know when it’s time to act? When should you really be worried about having a man who is non-committal? Well, there are a few signs that you could keep an eye out for. Here are a few red flags that your man is just afraid to commit to you.

1. He regularly becomes distant to you.

He’s hot and cold. At times, he wants to spend all of his time with you. But when he feels like you are starting to get a little too comfortable with him, he’s going to back off and create some space. He doesn’t want you to get too comfortable with having him around all the time and it’s for one simple reason: he doesn’t plan on sticking around very long at all.

2. He will always criticize you for your faults.

He wants to have an excuse for when he eventually chooses to dump you. He isn’t looking to commit to you and he’s going to exit your life someday. And when that day comes, he wants to make sure that it won’t come as a surprise. That is why he will be very vocal about his frustrations and his criticisms about you. He wants to make you feel that you’re not all that and you’re not worth sticking around for.

3. He will cheat on you in some shape or form.

Whether it’s an emotional or a physical form of cheating, he’s going to do it on you. He is essentially giving you an out by doing so. He wants to give you a reason to dump him because he’s flat out just not interested in staying committed to you at all. Being monogamous isn’t his style and he’s especially not going to play the monogamy game with you.

4. He won’t want to discuss the future with you.

Another clear-cut indication that he doesn’t want to commit to you is when he refuses to talk about the future with you. He doesn’t want to lead you to believe that you actually have a future that you’re going to share with one another. He doesn’t want to put any of those kinds of ideas into your head.

5. He will avoid deep conversations about his feelings with you.

One big sign that he just doesn’t want to commit to you is when he doesn’t want to open up to you about his feelings. In fact, he doesn’t want to open up to you at all because he knows that you’re just going to be disappointed with everything you’re going to find in there. He knows that you don’t have a future together.

6. He won’t make time for you.

Part of being a committed partner in a relationship is being willing to share your time with another person. Time is precious, and it should really only be shared with the most important people in your life. So if he isn’t sharing his time with you, then maybe it’s because you’re not that important to him.

7. He only ever wants you for the sex.

It’s all about the pleasures of the skin. He’s not really interested in having a long-term relationship with you. He just enjoys having you around for some fun in the sack.

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