84-Year-Old Woman Forced Mall to Build Around Her Home, Refused $1 Million Offer

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This incredible story comes from Seattle, Washington, USA. It’s about Edith Macefield, an elderly woman who denied a massive $1 million dollar offer in 2006 to make a mall developer build their mall around her house.

My Home is My Safe Haven

Edith Macefield bought her home in 1952 for a sum of $3,750. She lived in her happy home with her mother, Alice. Edith spent a simple and joyous life with her mother, and she worked at Spic ‘N Span Cleaners. Her little farmhouse still stands strong to this day.

When plans to develop a new mall started, the developers faced a small problem – Edith’s home was taking up some space in the middle of the land the mall developers owned.

So the developers offered her a hefty sum of $750,000 to sell her home, she refused. They offered her a second time, asking her to sell her home for $1 million – she still refused and asked the developers to build the mall around her house.

An Unlikely Friendship Blossoms

Barry Martin was the construction manager of this project. Instead of trying to go against Edith, he chose to become friends with her and agreed to her demands. The mall started developing around Edith’s house. Barry & Edith became the best of friends.

Their friendship came to a point where Edith used to ask Barry to take her to the salon, helping her out with the laundry and spending time with one another.

In 2008, Edith passed away and left her beloved home to Barry. Martin, who was going through a rough patch financially, later sold the home for a good sum while making sure the house stood still and wasn’t taken away. While speaking on Fox’s Strange Inheritance Show, Barry said:

“She told me to hold out until I got my price. I sold it for $310,000.”

Barry also spoke about how Edith was never against the mall’s development:

“A lot of people thought she was against the development, but that wasn’t the case at all.

“It was more a case of she didn’t want to go through the exercise of having to move.”

The “Up” House

Edith’s home is known famously as the “Up” house today – getting its name from Disney’s massive movie Up. Barry speaks about how Disney chose Edith’s home to put up balloons on it similar to how they are in the movie:

“They wanted to put balloons on the house for their premiere here in Seattle. So they came out and put balloons on the house and took a picture, and that’s how it became the Up house.”

“After I saw the movie, there was actually some photographs that look very similar to the picture in the movie.”

Today, the beautiful home can still stands strong at 1438 NW 46th St, surrounded by new buildings and malls – keeping its history intact as Edith had planned.

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