9 Best Texts To Send Your Partner Whenever You Miss Them


It’s true when they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, there will be times wherein the two of you will just really miss each other when you’re not spending time together. The circumstances always vary for different couples.

You might be in a long-distance relationship and so you often find yourselves being apart a lot. You might not live in the same part of town and so you don’t really get to spend much time together. There will be moments wherein you will just miss them so much and you will want to let them know.

Sure, you can go ahead and text them. Ask them what’s going on in their lives. Ask them what they’re up to. And they’re most probably going to respond positively to that gesture. But let’s face the facts, these methods are a little too predictable and ordinary. It’s always nice whenever you tell your partner “I miss you!” but you don’t have to stop there. You can actually choose to take things to the next level. Because your partner deserves that.

Communication is key in any kind of relationship – but this is especially true in a romantic relationship. Fortunately, in this new age of information and technology, it can be so easy to maintain communications with someone you love even though you’re so far away from one another. But even though texting can bring with it many strengths, it also carries a lot of possible weak points.

For example, texting can be misconstrued and it can definitely open to interpretation. You don’t really get the nuances of face-to-face interaction. But even though that’s the case, you still want to leave very little room for doubt that you actually miss your partner and that you want to be with them. When you are not with your partner, you will be subjected to so many different feelings and emotions – but being able to reach out to your partner via text can do wonders for how you feel.

It’s always a great idea to reach out to your partner via text if you really want to generate some positive feelings in your life. However, you must also stay wary of the messages that might be misconstrued or misinterpreted as you just being emotionally unstable or volatile. For instance, you can send them a “wish you were here” kind of message but that can come off as very passive-aggressive even when it’s not your intention.

That’s why whenever you want to send a sweet and romantic message to your partner, you want to make sure that you are being clear. You don’t want to leave any room for confusion or misunderstanding. You must ensure that your partner really knows how you feel. And if you’re having trouble with doing so, then this article is going to help you out with that.

Here are a few texts that you can send your partner whenever you miss them.

When it’s been a few hours:

  1. I already really miss your face.
  2. Is it 8 pm already? (or whatever time the two of you are expected to see each other again)
  3. I know that we’ve only just been apart from one another, but I already miss your smile. That’s all. Carry on.

When it’s been a few days:

  1. I’m actually wearing your clothes right now and I’m breathing your scent right now.
  2. I’m surrounded by so many people and they’re all great. But they’re just not you.
  3. Just in case no one has told you this today, you are amazing. And you shouldn’t forget it.

When it’s been a very long time:

  1. One of the best feelings in the world is being able to wake up next to you. And honestly, I can’t wait until I get to wake up next to you again.
  2. I am so jealous of everyone who always gets to be around you. And I’m so excited for when I get to be with you again.
  3. You are my absolute favorite person even when you’re far away.


It’s never fun when you’re too far away from your significant other for too long. But when you have no choice, it’s always nice to try to remind yourselves of all the amazing things that you’ve done in your life together. It’s always essential that you still stay connected with one another even if you’re busy and far away from one another.

You have to stay strong. It’s always difficult. But you just have to remind yourselves that your love is going to be as strong as your difficulties. And just also remind yourself of how great it’s going to be when you both see each other again.

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