A Little Girl’s Compassion kick-started a Movement to Help her Friend and all the Underprivileged Students in her Class

Image Credits:Jackie Sue Oelfke

Children are the purest souls. Unless polluted by evil adults, all they know is love and kindness. They observe and analyze more than we realize and are often more empathetic than adults.

Five-year-old Sunshine brought joy to the lives of many with a single innocent act of kindness.

Sunshine Oelfke’s surprised her grandmother Jackie Oelfke with her thoughtfulness.

One day Jackie went to her room when she noticed that her granddaughter, Sunshine, was emptying her piggy bank.

She thought the little girl was taking all her money out so that she could buy herself a new toy or some present. She asked her what she was doing.

“She dumped them on the floor next to me and started counting her money. And I asked what she was doing with her money.” She told in her Facebook video.

Sunshine told her she was taking out her money because she wanted to help a friend. Jackie said she didn’t understand at first, but Sunshine told her that her friend does not have milk at home because her mother cannot afford it. So, she is taking this money to her so her mother can buy her milk.

“My friend’s mom doesn’t have milk money, and I do. I am taking milk money to school for my friend because my friend wants milk, and I want my friend to get milk, too. We like chocolate milk together.” Sunshine said.

The little girl’s response hit Jackie; she said she was amazed to hear this from a five-year-old girl. Jackie said she became emotional and couldn’t stop crying.

“There is a ray of Sunshine with a HUGE heart that at the age of 5 LOVES everyone and always wants to help.”

After listening to Sunshine, Jackie wrote a Facebook post describing the scene. Her post went viral on the platform and received many comments in which people adored and appreciated the little girl.

“What an inspiring little girl!! You have done an amazing job with her, Jackie!!”  A person wrote in the comment section.

The next day, Jackie took Sunshine to school. They had plastic bags filled with milk money. She said they gave those bags to Sunshine’s teacher and told her what was inside.

 “I have always felt sad when I have had to tell a student ‘no’ when they ask if they can have milk,” The teacher, Rita Hausher, said to Jackie.

She also told the grandmother that she had paid for some other students to get milk as their families couldn’t afford it.

She further wrote in her Facebook post that she was inspired by her granddaughter’s act of kindness and wanted to do something for all those poor kids. So, she set up a GoFundMe to raise money.

She said her goal was 800 dollars, but Sunshine’s compassion moved the people, and the GoFundMe raised 19,730 dollars.

“Thanks to Sunshine’s act of kindness for one student, it has grown so much that it now includes everyone, which makes my heart happy.” Said Jackie.

“The money will stay with Sunshine as she progresses grades to make sure her friends get milk, no matter where she is.” “She doesn’t understand the impact she’s made. But now she knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to.” The proud grandmother concluded.



Images & Featured Images Credits – Jackie Sue Oelfke on Facebook

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