A Relationship Expert Reveals When It’s Time To Walk Away From A Marriage

You might be in a current relationship with someone who you might consider to be your perfect match. You might both enjoy living fit and healthy lifestyles. You may have a couple of bright and healthy kids who you raise in a big and sturdy home. You might have a few shared hobbies and interests here and there. You might feel like your life couldn’t get any better. You never argue and you always espouse absolute kindness and respect when you deal with one another.

However, not even all of these things will be enough to guarantee happiness in your relationship. You might not be able to point out exactly what is wrong, but you are still at risk of feeling empty and unfulfilled in your relationship. You can try all you want to look for places of trouble in your relationship. But there are very few and the ones that you do find are merely insignificant. There may be many good aspects to your relationship but ultimately, there might not be a spark between the two of you – and when that’s the case, it might be best for the two of you to just walk away from the relationship.

In contrast, there might be another kind of couple in the mix. Maybe you are the kind of couple that just doesn’t stop arguing. You might always be finding things to complain about one another. You might be breaking some promises to each other and you constantly disappoint your partner. You might not be fulfilling your roles and responsibilities in the relationship and that could lead to so much frustration for your partner. These are all some very real problems in a relationship and yet, you are still somehow to make things work for one another.

You are very much passionate about the relationship and that’s why the two of you keep fighting all of the time. It doesn’t matter that there are many problem areas in your relationship. It only matters that you are still approaching the relationship with zeal and intensity. You are still heavily invested in trying to make the relationship work.

These are two very different kinds of relationships that have very different dispositions, outlooks, dynamics, and eventual outcomes. Yes, we are all familiar with the many necessary traits, skills, and qualities that come with crafting a happy, healthy, and stable relationship. However, it’s also important to note that there is no genuine rulebook for making a relationship work. There is no secret recipe that we all must follow. Sometimes, there are a few relationships that are just scrappy and manage to survive. Other times, there are some relationships that are destined to survive and yet they fail. The important thing is that you are able to recognize when you are in a relationship that is still worth fighting for or if you’re just practically beating a dead horse.

There will be a few times wherein you must leave a relationship. For instance, you might be a victim of abuse in your relationship. Perhaps, you are in danger of being put in harm’s way at the hands of your partner. Maybe you have to put up with some very serious issues that your partner is dealing with like cheating, addiction, manipulation, financial irresponsibility, and a whole lot more. There are many justifiable reasons for you to call it quits on a relationship. You just have to make sure that you take swift action. You can’t be waiting around for someone to come in and save you.

You need to just actively get up and walk away from your relationship when you know that it’s the right thing to do. It doesn’t matter how long the two of you might be together; it doesn’t matter how much you love your partner. If you feel like this relationship isn’t right for you, then you really need to walk away from it. Yes, there are a lot of issues in relationships that can be resolved. And if your partner actually proves to you that they are willing to do whatever it takes to change for the better, then you should give them the benefit of the doubt. However, it also gets to a point where you need to just draw a line in the sand. You need to be able to recognize when a relationship just isn’t worth fighting for anymore and you need to be able to walk away from it.

There is no honor or dignity in staying in a relationship that you’re not meant to be in. No one is going to win in that situation. You are only prolonging your agony. It’s always better that you stay mature about it and just walk away from something that isn’t meant for you. You can’t force love where it doesn’t exist.

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