A woman is Dating an invisible Alien who has Abducted her from her London apartment

According to a woman who claims to be in love with an alien, she is better in bed than ‘Earthmen.’  In an interview with This Morning, Emanuela Rose, formula known as Abbie Bela, said she met the alien after posting on Instagram how she preferred to date someone from a different planet than go on another Tinder date.  

Later, she claimed, a UFO engulfed her in a beam of yellow light and abducted her from her Canary Wharf flat. 

Upon boarding, she was introduced to her invisible lover, ‘Emmanuel,’ before meeting the alien crew. Emmanuela, whose name has been changed to reflect the alien’s, says they’ve been dating for a year and are now planning to marry.

 “Emanuela said that aliens do not possess a human form, and cannot be seen by the human eye.”

She appeared on the show with an inflatable green alien, describing it as a placeholder and a symbolic representation of her partner.

In response to host Holly Willoughby’s question about whether the two are physically intimate, Emanuela replied: ‘I have to say that once you go alien, you will forget Earthmen.

‘She said, “If you’re tired of men, I recommend the aliens. How can I put this? The aliens are loving light and pure like energy. So we can’t even go all the way that he can go because it would kill me.” 

She added: “Compared to Earthmen, it’s like, times a million.” 

During the conversation, Emanuela shared that she wanted more commitment from her partner, and that he was also prepared to take the relationship to the next level. 

“He did try and propose but I’m pretty traditional,” she said. “So I want a ring. And he doesn’t really know what that is.”

“So I said I wanted like a big rock and he got me some pebbles from the beach. Like just doesn’t get it. So basically he has no earth money. So I’m just hoping maybe over time, we can save up the money.”     

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Source: This Morning

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