Awesome Gift Ideas for Her

The one thing even the best of boyfriends stumble over is what present to buy for their girlfriends. Chocolates, flowers and jewellery are amazing, no doubt about it but they’re too much of a ‘been there, done that’ kinda thing. The problem is that whenever you look towards the internet for help, everyone gives you extravagant gift ideas which you can’t afford but you see things like that almost on every article, well not this one because the idea isn’t to be the boyfriend who spends a lot, rather someone who cares a lot. If you want to give your girl an amazing gift then you need to step out of the box and take things such as preferences and references into mind.

Even when it comes to flowers, you won’t buy your girlfriend daisies if she loves waterlilies (preference) because she’s told you sometime in the past (reference). Just by taking these two things into consideration, you can think of an awesome present for her but if you still need help in figuring out something to give her this year on her birthday or anniversary or any other occasion, then here are some ideas:

1. Something with a theme.

Now a theme doesn’t always mean it has to be a color theme, it can even be something with a theme of her favorite movie or her favorite place. This sort of a present should be a collection of little gifts all together in a basket. For example, if she really likes ‘The Minions’, get her a basket with a minion stuffed toy, glasses, a blue jumpsuit etc. Add a banana if that’s in reference to the theme, no judgment here. Similarly, if she likes ‘Harry Potter’ then get her a notepad saying ‘book of spells’ and a wizard’s hat. It can even be an all pink or an all blue gift bag. Anything with a theme is bound to be an amazing present.

2. Customised items.

If you’re good at something handmade then you can take that route, otherwise you can go to a number of websites which offer customised products. They can customise anything from shirts and jackets to mugs and wallets. The idea here is to make her feel like there’s always something she’ll have with her which will remind her of the relationship and make her smile every time. You can get a mug customised with an inside joke both of you share or a shirt with a picture of any reference you two make to something or you can even screenshot your conversation and have it printed on something. If you’re a crafty person then go towards customising bags or phone cases because with them you can actually glue stuff on.

3. A video.

Take it from a girl, getting a video from your boyfriend is so freaking adorable you can’t even comprehend it. The video in question should be focusing on her, you and all the things in the relationship which you think are worth mentioning. A lot of guys just compile images into a video and think that that’s it but that’s like the most basic video you can give. What you need to do is put some effort into it and I’m not talking about a great animation (although that’s highly appreciated), more like take a video of you telling her you love her and combine that with some pictures, sure.

4. A detective-ish present.

No, this isn’t like the first suggestion. That was about a ‘theme’ which can be any theme and yes, it can be a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ theme but this idea in specific is about something which leads to the main present. Leave clues around like give her a clue indicating that there’s something behind the couch (although not in these direct words) and once she figures it out, she’ll find another clue over there and so on till the main present which is most preferably a surprise party or dinner at a restaurant. If you want to add tiny presents along with every clue then go ahead but be sure not to prolong the game. A few clues (like seven) leading up to the main present are enough.

5. Catching her off guard.

So up until this point, all the gift ideas were something besides what we see all the time, however, sometimes it isn’t about what the gift is but how you give it. ‘Anyone can give flowers’ is probably what you thought when you clicked on this article and true, anyone really can but it’s how they do it that makes a difference, you can’t just hand them over to her if you want it to be ‘awesome’.

Think out of the box, on the day of her birthday, fill her room up with balloons like every corner of her floor with balloons, it’ll make her excited for sure. You can even surprise her by showing up to meet her while she’s hanging out with her friend (who’s in on it too). In this case, even if you get her something clich, it’ll still make her happy.

So, what are you getting her?

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