Determining the Type of Girlfriend You Are Based On Birth Order

No two people are alike! And to say that two people having the same birth order are bound to be exactly the same is incorrect. However, it wouldn’t be incorrect to think that two people having the same birth order would share SOME common characteristics. You might even find it amazing how some people can easily determine your birth order after spending just a little time with you. Even you must have been spot on about people 99% of the time.

This article focuses on your girfriend-ly traits based on your birth order. This is a general view based on how people born in the middle, or the youngest, or the only child or the twins tend to act when they’re in a relationship.

Even if you feel like there’s absolutely no such thing as determining traits based on birth orders, you just might be surprised if you read on. So, without further ado, here we go:

The oldest:

Here’s the thing about being the oldest: you’re expected to make certain compromises for your younger siblings. Nothing too drastic, but compromises nonetheless. The oldest is quite often the one who looks over everyone else and always carries around a sense of protectiveness towards the younger siblings.

Right now, she isn’t with her siblings. She’s with you, but the feeling of protectiveness hasn’t left her yet. Odds are it never will. It has become a part of her. She’s the protective and understanding one. She’s the type of girl who will always worry about you even when you assure her that there’s nothing to worry about! She’ll text to make sure you reach home safe and ask about your day. You might find it a tad bit annoying sometimes. But trust me when I say this: she wouldn’t do it unless she genuinely cared about you. В – Continue reading on next page

The older child also knows a way to deal with the younger siblings. Hence, your girlfriend will never make it seem like you two are in an argument even when you clearly are. She’ll know her way around words and will make sure that the argument fades away quickly. She’ll actually make you feel like you’re winning when you’re not.

Everything will be resorted in a calm and composed manner. No yelling, no tears, no nothing! At the end of it, you might even forget what you were so mad about.

The middle child:

There are over a billion Internet memes on being the middle kid. My favorites involve the ones where it’s subtly hinted that they aren’t loved. That might not be true. However, it is true that a middle child finds his or herself…well, in the middle. If your girlfriend is the middle child, then some part of her is always insecure. This is almost always regarding something silly. And no matter how much you try to tell her that it’s all in her head, she’ll never be fully reassured.

She’s an incredibly compassionate person who will always be there for you. She’s very sensitive and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it means that she’ll always be able to know right from wrong. Nothing can ever steer her away into something she knows isn’t right. At the same time, sometimes nothing you can ever say will be enough for her.

She can get jealous over the slightest of things. Things she thinks are there but are quite often not. She literally wears her heart out on her sleeve and would like nothing more than reassurance from you that you genuinely love her. And once she’s reassured, you two will have a wonderful time together. – Continue reading on next page

The youngest:

The youngest child is almost always the spoiled one- if not by the parents, then definitely by the older siblings. The youngest child grows up sheltered and they’re the one getting the most in every situation. It’s hard saying no to the youngest kid and that’s why it’s hard saying no to your girlfriend.

She has grown up in an environment where no one ever asked her to do more or even as much as she was supposed to. She’s someone you’ll always find in a good mood and the one who’ll be the most trusting. She’ll tell you everything there is to know about her in exchange for you loving her.

It might be hard to please her sometimes because she’ll always have a set idea of how things are supposed to work out. She’ll find it frustrating that things didn’t go according to plan. She might even be a bit petty at times. Since she was the one who got the most attention as a kid, she’d want you all to herself. Sharing is a word she might not even know or care about.

However, it’s fun being in love with her. You won’t get over just how much she loves to talk about her day and how she’s easily fascinated by everything around her. No one should consider her childish. She is a grown up and she obviously had to pass by so many years to get here. She was a kid, a teen and now an adult. She can’t lose the personality that she acquired over so many years just like that.В – Continue reading on next page

One of the twins:

Did you know that twins are able to develop somewhat of a secret language between the two of them? It’s true, I read it on UberFacts. At least I think it’s true. And regardless of the authenticity of UberFacts, you have to admit that all twins develop a special relationship with each other. Even if they aren’t as stereotypically close to one another, but being the same age and going through the same phases at the same time, is bound to bring two people closer. It’s because they feel like the other twin knows exactly what they’re going through.

Your girlfriend couldn’t stay with her twin for every waking second and ultimately, they had to go their separate ways. Somewhere along the way, she found you. You might actually want to spend every waking second with her, but she will seem somewhat distant. She isn’t doing it consciously and is actually really putting a lot of effort into the relationship. But she just feels that you can’t completely get her. At least not for now!

You have to put in more effort than you normally would have when you’re in a relationship with a girl who has a twin. You need to show her that although you can’t go back in time and synchronize your life to be exactly like hers, you do get her. You get what she’s going through and you’re willing to listen. Show her that she doesn’t have to be on her toes around you. You can be trusted with stuff. Be a listening ear or her shoulder to cry on. You can be her boyfriend, but you can also be her best friend.В – Continue reading on next page

The only child:

Interacting with an only child is almost as difficult as being in a relationship with them. While the rest of these types are based on general assumptions, no one can make a correct assumption about what it’s like in the world of an only child. It might be possible (and I certainly hope that it was) that they were showered with love from all corners. However, it might also be possible that they were quite often left on their own.

What I can say for sure is that it’s hard being with a girl who grew up in a house where she was the only child. There were undoubtedly times where she wanted another sibling. She most probably wants a big family and whenever you two talk about having kids, she’ll suggest two or more. Nothing for her ever seems enough. If she is loved from all around, she wants more for everyone else since there was always a void. Same will be the case if she wasn’t showered with that much affection.

You need to think twice when talking to her because the slightest of things might be enough to make her feel uncomfortable. It won’t always be like this and ultimately, she’ll love you enough to feel at ease with you. Till you reach that point, you’ll have to help her realise that you can be someone she can talk to.

This isn’t the same as with a person who had a twin. She had someone with her every step of the way, but this girl doesn’t. I’m not saying that she grew up in isolation and has no sense of how to interact with people, but she is lacking a bit in social skills. She’s either too sensitive or too uptight. At the end of the day, you need to be there for her so that she can overcome these feelings.

Conclusion: Every single human being on this planet has acquired a certain personality which differs from that of other people. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re all 100% different than one another. You asked her to be your girlfriend because you obviously saw something in her which made you fall head over heels for her. This article is merely an assumption of her personality. Tell us in the comments below exactly how accurate these assumptions were!

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