Don’t Waste Your Tears On The Douche Who Left You Broken Hearted

So go ahead and cry for a little bit. But don’t waste any more extra time. Pursue the love that you’re truly deserving of.

It’s painful. Of course, it’s going to hurt. You fell in love with him. You gave all that you could possibly give to him. You invested so much of yourself into that relationship. And they just chose to leave you knowing full well that it would break and destroy you. It may take some substantial time to recover from the pain that you’re experiencing right now. But you have to be careful. It can be tempting to just cry yourself a river at the thought of having that heartless douche leave you in a wake of misery. And to an extent, you should let those tears flow. But don’t let that misery drag on for too long. Don’t let bitterness consume every fiber of your being. Don’t let the darkness take over your soul. Cry for a while and then start working on becoming okay again.

You have to remember that he isn’t exactly crying over you. He isn’t going to be reciprocating the ears that you’re shedding for him. He isn’t exactly putting his life on hold and so why should you? It might comfort you to think that he’s actually crying a river as well. You would want to think that he’s drowning himself in his own tears. But it’s highly likely that he isn’t. Remember that he’s the one who left you. Remember he’s the one who abandoned you. It definitely hurt you more than it hurt him. And given that he’s a heartless douche, it’s highly unlikely that he’s feeling any remorse or regret at this point. He’s carrying on with his life as if nothing has happened. He’s not wasting any time moving on from you. And so why should you waste more of your time because of him? Don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that you’re still hung up on him when he’s doing perfectly fine without you. Don’t make him win. 

Not to say that there are no men who are worthy of your tears in this world. Love is a beautiful thing and it’s always worth grieving over when you lose it. However, you have to remember that what you had with him wasn’t true love. Because if he did truly love you, he would have never hurt you in the manner that he did. There are great men out there who are waiting in the wings. And these are the guys who could be worthy of your tears. But this particular man just isn’t worth it. 

You have such an amazing life. You are such an incredible person. Your time is far too precious and you can’t allow yourself to be wasting it on this douchebag. He is the worst and you shouldn’t be putting your life on hold just because he managed to hurt you. There are so many things that you want to achieve for yourself. There are so many places that you want to go. Time doesn’t stop and it waits for no one. So why would you allow yourself to stop living your life just because he decided to move on from you? You have to remember that your time is valuable. It’s not something that you can buy or bargain for. It’s not something that you can trade or barter. You make the most out of the time that you’re given. And if you’re lucky enough, then you will look back on your life with no regrets. And just trust in the fact that you’re going to regret wasting extra time on this insignificant human being who really shouldn’t matter much to you anymore. You have to make sure that you only devote your time and attention to the things and people who are most important to you. 

And you’re not really missing out on anything with him leaving you. In fact, you lucked out. You wouldn’t want to still be in a relationship with that guy. He would pin you down in a perpetual state of misery the whole time that you stay together. At least now, you’re free from his grasp. You don’t really miss him. You just miss the guy you thought that he could be. But he had no plans of ever being that guy. And you deserve so much better than that. 

And that’s where the final pint comes in. You are now free. You are now free to pursue the love that you want. You can now go after the love that you’re deserving of. If you were still together, you’d still be trapped in his toxic clutches. But he gave you a gift by leaving you. You have now opened yourself up to gaining the love that is truly right for your heart.

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