The Kind Of Love That You Want Most In This World Will Always Be The Hardest To Get

You have to understand that sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly the kind of trial that you need.

People have just got to get it into their minds as early as now that love is never going to be easy. It was never designed to be easy and no one is promising it to be easy. The kind of love that we all so desperately crave for is always going to require substantial effort, hard work, commitment, dedication, and resilience. If we fail to present ourselves on all of these fronts, then we will never succeed in gaining the love that we think we deserve. Real love is always going to force us to spend many sleepless nights just tossing and turning; trying to think about how we can preserve the love that’s been entrusted to us. True love isn’t always going to be served on a golden plate. It’s not something that you’re necessarily going to knock out of the park right away. It’s not a shot you can expect to make on your first attempt and you really have to come to terms with that fact. You are going to get tired and frustrated. You are going to question all of your efforts. There will be a point where you will just want to give up, but you have to persist. You are going to have a few stumbles on your pursuit for true love, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get back up every time you fall down. You are going to have your hope waiver every now and then, but you shouldn’t lose it completely. Never lose hope in your fight for true love.

You have to understand that sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly the kind of trial that you need. Sometimes, these moments of failure are actually necessary processes that you need to put yourself through to become a better person. Sometimes, a lost love is what you need to go through on your journey towards finding the love that is actually meant for you. You have to understand that the best things in life never come easily or quickly. You have to be patient. You have to be resilient. The best love is out there, but it isn’t going to come before its time. And you can’t afford to rush it. You can’t fast-forward anything. And once you are mature enough to understand why it’s important to wait for the love that you truly want, you will gain a better appreciation for that love once it actually enters your life. When you go through tough trials and false loves, you gain a more profound perspective and understanding of what it really means to wait for the love that’s right for you. These experiences will humble you and reveal to you just how vulnerable you really are and how only true love can make you feel as close to perfect as you possibly ever could. True love isn’t about getting it right all the time. It’s about being humble enough to accept that you are a flawed individual; and also having the audacity to actually become a better person despite your flaws.

You have to learn that you can’t be obsessive in your pursuit of love because that is only going to drive you nuts in the long run. Obsession will impair your senses and will cloud your judgment. You can’t let obsession rule over your life because you will end up making unsound rationalizations left and right. You always have to make sure to listen to your heart but also to your mind. You have to be able to balance between acting on your emotions and on your own logic. You have to listen to your intuition but you also have to keep yourself informed. You can’t let obsession dictate your pursuit for love because you will only end up suffocating yourself and the people around you. Obsession is going to push you over the edge whenever you don’t get what you want. Obsession is going to keep you from being patient and understanding in your journey to finding real love. As much as you want for love to enter your life right away, you can’t fall into desperation. You have to let love go through its natural course before it makes its way to you.

And lastly, the most difficult hurdle to get over in your pursuit of true love is the art of detachment and letting go. You have to remember that you can’t cling to things that are bad for you. You can’t attach yourself to people who will hold you back from getting the love you deserve. Yes, you grow attached and invested to a lot of relationships but you also have to be able to let them go when you know that they’re wrong for you. And once you make space in your life for true love to enter, then maybe, things will start working out for you.

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