Here’s how to text your crush without looking like a fool

The easiest way to stay in touch with someone? Through your phone. Texts trump calls, however they’re tricky. There is a lot of room for misunderstanding. Things could be taken out of context or simply leave an unintended impression. It’s easier with people you’ve known for long enough. But when it comes to someone like your crush, whom you don’t know so well and vice versa, you can never be too sure of what gets through to them. You never know what could set them running off or what could keep them interested.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for texting your crush;

  1. Strictly no essays!

You’ve just met them; don’t scare them off with your essays! Say less, keep them intrigued. But don’t cut the texts too short, they might start doubting your interest in them. Keep the long conversations for when you meet them. As much as you’d like to pour out your heart to them, save it for the dates.

  1. Don’t over share

You definitely do not have to text them 24/7. It’s not only annoying, you seem needy. No one likes needy. Not even long into a relationship and especially not at the beginning. A little something every now and then throughout the day is alright, but not all the time. They need their space, and they have a life besides you. Let them live it and you should live yours.

  1. Share things that’d lighten them up

You know he’s going to have a tough day ahead of them, maybe drop them an encouraging text. Or if they are complaining about work, send them something you think you two should do later that’d help them lay off the steam. Or something you saw, read or heard that instantly reminded you of them. Be kind and affectionate, but don’t creep them out.

  1. Don’t be a crybaby

You naturally want to share everything with them. But in doing so, if all you ever do is find faults in everything or everyone, they are going to think that you just can’t see anything past flaws. They may even feel that you think they’re not good enough for you either, because apparently nothing is. They might be having a bad day, and with you complaining, it only makes matters worse. Focus on the positive, share the positive and you’ll only attract positivity.

  1. Don’t beat about the bush

You want something from them or the relationship, be upfront about it. You don’t like something; don’t be afraid to say it. You think you deserve to be treated better, maybe you should tell them. Whatever it is any questions or doubts you should be out in the open. Ignorance maybe bliss, but it may just become nerve wrecking.

  1. Stop sending text after text after text..

If they aren’t replying, they’re most definitely occupied. And it has to be something important enough to keep them from texting you. Do not freak out and blow up their phone! You don’t want to be that crazy person everyone dreads.

  1. Call them instead

The sound of their voice must make you smile. Why not smile for that very reason more often. The conversations you have while texting, or talking over the phone or talking in person, can all be very different, but equally important. While there might be things you’d be comfortable texting rather than telling them in person, but then hearing you tell them that you miss them feels much better than reading it.

  1. Get to know the person

Keep the conversation going both ways. You shouldn’t be going on about yourself, ask them questions. How else will you show interest in them? Don’t bore them with an overdose of you. Keep it balanced.

  1. Flirt all you want

You like them and there’s no shame in telling or showing them that you do. Flirt with them, and if they flirt back, win-win!

  1. Plan a date

Keep most of the sharing, for your dates, and keep most of your texts for planning your dates. And even if there’s something you’d like to talk to them about, call. They’d love to hear from you as often as possible.

  1. Keep the texts light

Deep conversations are never for texts, never! They should be reserved for in-person interactions. You can’t explain someone the intensity of a situation over a text. And there’s always a chance of misinterpretation. So make sure your texts are far from serious, and keep them on the lighter side of things.

  1. Don’t bad-mouth people

If you’re bad-mouthing someone, you can be expected to talk ill just about any one. And your crush definitely does not want to hear how much you hate someone’s hair color, or voice, or maybe their whole existence.

Choose your words wisely. And it’s not important to respond quickly as much as it is important to understand what the next person is saying.

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What are the things you’re careful about when you’re texting your crush? Has texting ever made things difficult for you? How often do you text each other? Do you think it’s a healthy amount? LetВ me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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  1. Hi,I have a crush on someone and in thesame office but different department and we don’t see all the time I fell she like me too,I do call her and text but she reply back.pls I need advice to go about it…

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