10 Signs He’s Dealing With Serious Trust Issues

Don’t underestimate the impact that trust issues can have on a relationship. You might think that these are just little nags that don’t necessarily hamper on your relationship. But don’t you dare make that mistake. Don’t downplay the importance of having mutual trust in a relationship. When trust is one-sided, it can make for a very toxic relationship atmosphere. It can be especially difficult when you’re the one who isn’t being trusted. You’re the one who is always going to be accused of doing bad things. The spotlight is going to be on you a lot because your partner doesn’t trust you. You’re going to be pressured in the relationship; you are going to be made to feel like someone is watching your every move.

You are going to be scrutinized with everything that you do. It’s going to feel like someone is just breathing down your neck. Of course, it’s another thing entirely if you’re not doing anything to earn your partner’s trust. If he’s not trusting you because you’re not giving him a reason to, then that’s your own fault. You have to be self-aware enough to acknowledge when you aren’t giving your partner the security that he needs from you. If that’s the case, then you’re going to have to make adjustments to how you carry yourself. You’re going to have to work on what you can do to improve your personality; to make yourself more trustworthy.

But how do you know if he’s the one with trust issues? How do you know if the problem is with him? Well, here are a few signs that you are really with someone who is dealing with serious trust issues. And if you find that that’s the case, then you seriously need to be doing something about it. You can’t have him constantly accusing you if you want to be happy in your relationship.

1. He asks to see your phone and check your messages.

He wants to be snooping around your message history just to make sure that you aren’t talking to the people you shouldn’t be talking to. He wants to be able to control who you communicate with because he doesn’t trust you.

2. He asks to spend time with you all hours of the day.

He knows that the ONLY way he can really keep his eye on you is if he just practically spends ALL of his time with you. That way, he can monitor your every movement and make sure that you’re not up to doing anything shady behind his back.

3. He stalks your social media profiles.

And it’s not just that he likes or comments on every single thing that you might post or share. He’s constantly looking at your activity – the posts that YOU comment on and everything that YOU might be liking on social media.

4. He has a history of hurting people or being hurt in past relationships.

A lot of times, trust issues can stem from earlier relationship trauma. And if he has had a history with emotional betrayal and control in the past, there’s a higher chance he’s going to carry that into your own relationship as well.

5. He constantly needs to know where you’re going all the time.

He always wants to be updating himself on your whereabouts. Even when he isn’t there, he’s always implying that you should make your location known to him.

6. He wants to be texting you whenever you’re not together.

If he’s texting you all the time, that means that he’s distracting you from other things that he might not want you to be doing. He wants ALL of your attention and that’s why he’s constantly texting you about everything all of the time. And whenever you don’t reply, he just gets upset.

7. He convinces you not to do things that you want to do.

He tries to control your life and make your decisions on your behalf. He’s forcing you into doing things that you might not want to do; or he’s keeping you from doing the things that you really want to do.

8. He doesn’t want to share you to your friends.

He wants to keep you all to himself. He hates the fact that you have a social life outside of him. He hates having to share you with other people. He thinks that he’s the only good influence on your life and that your being with anyone else is going to jeopardize your relationship.

9. He doesn’t let you have guy friends.

He just doesn’t trust you to be around any other men. He doesn’t think that you would be able to keep yourself from cheating on him because he’s so insecure about it.

10. He randomly accuses you of things without any basis or proof.

He’s constantly assuming the worst. He’s always thinking that you’re up to no good. He might not have proof; but that won’t stop him from hurling any accusations along your way.

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