Husband Gets Upset with Wife for Not Being Physical After Undergoing a C-Section

In today’s episode of “husbands who can’t think for their wives,” we have a story about a man who’s upset at his wife for not wanting to be physical with him because she feels tired and doesn’t feel like it.

This story comes from an fantastic piece written by Alyssa Shelasky of The Cut – where three husbands discuss their stories. Out of all of those three stories, this one resonates loud enough to stand out.

They had a baby three years ago where his wife had a C-section, and after that, she just doesn’t want to be intimate or physical as much as she used to before. This anonymous husband told The Cut:

“My wife had a baby three years ago. Before the baby, we had $ex a few time a week…”

“Having $ex just takes the sting out of everyday life. Having $ex helps you get through all the bullshit that is being a parent in New York. I’d really like to have more $ex. My wife had a C-section, so there’s really no physical issue with her body. She’s just tired all the time. I’m tired too but never too tired to have $ex. I’ve tried to bring it up a few times and she’s basically like, ‘F*** you, shut up.’ Which I respect … but … I feel a little stuck in a situation that doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’m not sure what to do about it.”

You can read his entire statement on The Cut here.

Our Take

We think the husband of this story needs to give less importance to this one part of his life that he’s made so very vital. He doesn’t care for his wife’s physical or emotional wellbeing and just wants to get it on, regardless of the mood or conditions.

We understand that intimacy is an important part of every healthy relationship, but emotions are more important.

What’s Your Take?

What’s your take on this husband’s situation? Talk to us in the comments below!

Source: The Cut

  1. I think that husband is a selfish bast**d! They have a baby which is exhausting in itself and he’s pissed they don’t have $ex like they used to? Shame on him!

  2. So pretty much every woman experiences this after having a baby. Her body is now a source for the baby, not a sexual thing and she really IS tired too, which makes participating to completion seem like a lot of work.
    Husband needs to have a talk with her in a time when he’s not trying to have sex & explain how being together physically is a very important way for him to feel close to her. They find a way to find a middle ground where he doesn’t just demand she perform whenever, but she tried to be more available a bit more.
    She might find, as I did, that once you get started, it is still a pretty enjoyable activity, even if you didn’t feel like doing it to start.

  3. Does he come home from work and sit down with his beer and tv to relax because HE has worked all day?? Even if his wife is a stay at home mom he needs to help around the house and with the children because SHE has also worked all day. My husband will quote from a song by Andy Gibb “ If you give a little more than your asking for, love will turn the key”. We both believe in that and it applies to everything in your marriage. In a partnership with your spouse you need to be less self centered and think of how much you love each other and what you can do to make your spouse happy. If my husband is down then I pick up the slack and vise versus without expectations of what is in it for me. We do it because we love each other.

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