Man Refused to Visit Girlfriend in Hospital Because that would give him ‘Anxiety’

Recently a woman with the username u/Potential_Ad_241 on Reddit posted a long rant on the platform’s ‘Am I The A**hole’ AITA forum and shared that her boyfriend didn’t visit her in the hospital despite her texting him that she wasn’t well, along with a photo of herself in the hospital.

“I was recently admitted into a hospital for a night due to a serious but not life-threatening illness. I was completely out of it for several days with horrible pain before my roommate convinced me to get medical help. She took off work to stay with me in the hospital, and I cannot express how much her support has helped as my own family lives too far away.” She wrote in her post.

The girlfriend said she had been dating her boyfriend, Sam, for nine months. Before leaving for the hospital, she texted Sam about her condition, but he didn’t respond.

“I sent him around six texts updating him with what the nurses were saying and including a photo of me on IV giving a thumbs up. It was my first time ever in the hospital, and I just wanted to keep the shitty situation as light-hearted as possible.”

According to the Redditor, her boyfriend did respond to her texts a few hours later, but all she received was a ‘thumbs up emoji.’

“He responded a few hours later with a thumbs up, and that was all. I asked if everything was all right, and he said, ‘yeah, just you being in the hospital is giving me a lot of anxiety; I’d rather not see you looking like that.’ I told him that was okay and didn’t message him for the rest of the night, not thinking much of it.”

She further added that she received a call from Sam’s mother the next day, who called her to tell her that she gave him anxiety by updating him about her illness and hospital admittance.

“She had the impression that I sent him the hospital photo after he told me not to share any information and was disrespecting his request. She reminded me that his grandfather only died a year earlier, and Sam had to spend a lot of time in and out of the hospital, so the updates were making him grieve all over again.”

“I apologized to her and sent him a text saying that I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. He left me on read.

At the end of her post, the user asked her fellow Redditors if she had done something wrong.

Her post received more than 18000 upvotes and nearly 2500 comments, where the majority of people criticized Sam for acting like an insensitive person. Some even called him a petty child.

“NTA [not the a**hole]. This guy isn’t ready to be an adult, let alone in a relationship. You were in the hospital, and rather than expressing concern, he talked about his own anxiety…and then he sent his mommy after you? Run!!!!” One user replied.

“NTA. In a healthy relationship, if a partner is in the hospital the other one visits and checks in. He dropped the ball and is b**ching about you trying to communicate, he should have been comforting you and not the other way around,” Commented another.

“Sam is an a**hole and a momma’s boy. He will never get better. You were scared, and he made it about [himself],” Another said.

“He’s a BIG red flag, girl. Like, what is he? A ten-year-old? FFS, he’s a grown man who should get his sh** together if he wants to do better in life. Please don’t waste your time with him.” Someone else commented.

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