A wife falls in love with her husband’s girlfriend’s husband

The use of social media has led to a wide variety of forums where people feel comfortable sharing their stories and experiences in a non-judgmental environment. It is notable to mention the Reddit community TrueOffMyChest as one of them, which is home to users who discuss their weird and unusual relationships and issues. One woman’s account of a unique chain of events in her community has been making the rounds on the Internet like wildfire. The woman relates that she fell in love with the husband of a woman whose husband had been having an affair with another woman.

Even though it might sound like the story is about revenge, the woman asserts that it doesn’t seem to have been a planned event. According to a woman, 36, who preferred to remain anonymous, her husband, who has been involved in an extramarital affair, has a six-year-old daughter with her who is living with the woman. As a consequence of losing her employment during the COVID-19 pandemic, she does not have the option of divorce at this time.

Even though it might sound like the story is about revenge, the woman asserts her next statement, she claims that she first learned about her husband’s extramarital affair when his girlfriend’s husband informed her about the affair. Instead of mentioning his name in her post, she referred to him as J instead of his actual name. Her affair with the man was revealed to her when the man provided her with messages and hotel check-in dates as evidence of their affair. Because she knew the other woman, she recognized her husband’s messaging style as well, since she was familiar with the other woman. Below you can read the exact story:

The Story:

I’ve fallen in love with the husband of the women my husband is cheating om me with

I’m so sorry. there are a lot of errors in the title and the text. while I think my English is pretty awesome. its not perfect. so sorry for any confusion

this is going to be a long post. will do my best to make it short. I found this sub on a podcast. maybe I can find comfort about what’ve been weighing me down for almost a year now

I’m (f36) and my husband is (m38). we have been together for 10 years. we have one daughter who’s (f6). she’s everything to me. I found out a year ago that my husband is sleeping with his employee (f30) , how? her husband, let’s call him J (m35) contacted me. he was heartbroken and he thought that I ought to know. he provided me with text messages and dated when they’ve been in hotels. I recognized my husbands style and I recognized the other woman. I have seen her on multiple occasions when I visited my husband at work. she’d been nothing but kind and pleasant towards me and she always doted on my daughter.

I asked J what he wanted to do an he said that he wasn’t sure yet so I requested that we should meet. He agreed. I told him about my life and that I’m currently not working after the pandemic I lost my job and now the economy I haven’t really had any opportunity to find job. instead I’ve been studying these past 2 years. if I divorce now I won’t be able to provide for my daughter. that would probably put her in my husband’s custody as a primary provider. I asked him if he could wait for a few months, hopefully longer therefore and to my surprised he agreed. I thanked him profusely but he told me that he didn’t know what to do either so he’s happy to wait. also, the other woman has 3 children from a previous relationship and he was worried that she would refuse him being in their lives once he confronted her because hes not the father.

we kept in touch however. he called me a few times a week and soon we started to talk about other things other than our failed marriages. afterwards we started going for walks, coffee movies etc. I found myself thinking about him often with a smile on my face. he was the first thing I thought of in the morning and the last thing I thought of before going to bed. for the last 3-4 months we probably mentioned our spouses one or twice. we talk about everything else. and he always makes me laugh (he thinks I’m funny too :))

2 weeks ago we were having a picnic and he just blurted out “I think that I’m in love with you”. when he then explained himself it just drove the point home that I also am in love with him. he said that at first he wasn’t sure why he was feeling like this towards me and explained it away as two jilted people finding comfort in each other but that he then realized that he wasn’t broken anymore. that he even thinks of his wife’s infidelity as a blessing because it lead him to me. that was exactly how I felt too. I didn’t know what to say. I told him that I’m terrified that these are false feelings that would go away once we’ve freed ourselves from those who hurt us. he just beamed at me and said he was willing to take the risk just to find out. he kissed my hand because I thought we were still married and if we did something then how are we better than our SO?

I don’t know what to do now. I find myself daydreaming about him. about introducing him to my daughter. kiss him. wake up next to him every morning. I still have one semester left and then I’m probably going to find a job. I’ve already had some offers for when Im finished with my studies. I have thanked J so many times for being so patient with me about everything. I appreciate that hes waiting for me to put my life in order before we expose our spouses who aren’t really seeing each other as often as they used to do. he told me hes happy to help and he just wants a real kiss as a thank you when everything is over.

my goal now is to secure my job and leave this marriage. am I pathetic for wanting to give J and I a shot and see where it would go? can two broken hearts really find happiness together when their love story started like ours?

The Responses:

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lemonlemon67: Go for it. I would love to see both of their faces when they find out you two are together. Why worry about them. They weren’t their SO when they were having an affair.

holyfudge-: How long is your semester, I need an update on this lol🤡😂😂

Their faces are going to be priceless.

But to give you advice, put yourself into therapy and offer the same advice to your hopefully future & last husband. It will help you both. Individual therapy for both of you. Not saying your feelings aren’t real but dealing with other issues will help make it more clear and help you realise where you stand and what you both want. If you two give this a try than you don’t wanna take this unresolved trauma and baggage into this new beautiful beginning. The baggage and trust issues will always be there but with therapy you both will learn to navigate them healthy and maturely.

Another thing, take it slowly. Just not for you two but for the kids involved.

I don’t have to say this but focus on your career, and make yourself financially independent.

Also, your daughter is gonna find out about the drama when you divorce either way so keep the therapy lined up for her.

Good luck, I hope you both have a great love story. Wishing you all the happiness ❤

Good luck.

seanbron: Anything is possible but only if you try. If not you tried at least.

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