Husband Shattered After Wife Passes Away Two Days After Testing Positive of Covid

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This tragic story comes from Bowral, New South Wales, Australia – where an adored and beloved school teacher lost her life two days after testing positive for Covid-19.

Michelle Hayes, a 46-year-old wife, mother, and school teacher, sadly lost her life on February 16th, 2022, after being tested positive for covid on Valentine’s Day.

Her husband, Ben Hayes, shared a heart-shattering post on Facebook where he told everyone about his beloved wife’s passing:

“To all the beautiful people who meant so, so much to my most beloved wife, on Norfolk, in Australia or Overseas and especially all of her students, it is with such a broken heart that I’m letting you all know that Michelle passed away this morning after testing positive to Covid on Monday,”

He wrote a series of posts sharing how truly devastated he was with this tragic incident:

“Been trying to think what to say. Can’t do it justice – She was my everything. Everything – and just like that, she’s gone,”

“The best part of me is gone … and now I have to be the dad and the mum – and I will NEVER come close to being anywhere near as fabulous as she was,”

“Nobody can currently come to the house because we are still in iso – please don’t – we’re even keeping my mum away … I would seriously break if anyone else got this,”

“Please don’t call yet. I can’t cry anymore. I’ve never known such limitless sorrow.”

Ben, completely torn with this massive loss, wrote a message for everyone to stay safe:

“For those who think that Covid isn’t dangerous – try losing the love of your life in under 48 hours from a positive test result.”

Michelle, her husband, and their two children moved from Norfolk Island to Bowral, where Michelle was an endeared and well-respected teacher at Bowral Public School.

Our deepest and most heartfelt condolences go with Michelle and her family.

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  1. The pain is so bad. You are absolutely correct about people thinking Covid is not so serious. A year ago I lost my brother two days after testing positive for COVID and a week later my mum. A friend lost her husband she had only been married a couple of years. Dear God why have we lost such loved precious people. Our lives will never be the same again. I will continue using a mask and shielding as much as possible although every day that passes brings me nearer to my mum and Brother. God Bless

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