I Just Want A Relationship Built On Honesty. No Lies. No Cheats.

The idea of being in a faithful and loyal relationship is something that appeals to a vast majority of people. It would be weird to think that somewhere in this world, there exists an individual who would want to be in a romantic relationship with someone who acts unfaithfully towards them. And even though a lot of people are against infidelity in relationships, sometimes, the definition of unfaithfulness and cheating can get lost in translation. Sometimes, what constitutes as cheating to some may not necessarily constitute as cheating to others.

It’s all a matter of perspective. And when two people in a relationship aren’t on the same page as far as cheating is concerned, then that could prove to be disastrous and detrimental to the couple. For some people, it’s cheating whenever anything physical is involved. Perhaps it might be physical intimacy that takes the form of kissing, touching, and even sex. For others, an act doesn’t have to be physical in order for it to be considered unfaithful.

In fact, for a lot of people, emotional cheating can be just as bad as physical cheating. It might even be worse. Emotional cheating is when someone gets emotionally intimate with a third party. This emotional intimacy can be manifested in flirtatious advances, discussions of feelings and emotions, and others.

A lot of people seem to think that there is a massive grey area that is present when it comes to cheating and unfaithfulness. But I don’t see it like that. For me, it’s pretty simple. It’s not complicated at all. For me, the line is there for all to see. It’s either you’re on the side of faithfulness or you aren’t. In my own humble opinion, being unfaithful means you doing something with another person that you would never do if your partner were there to witness it.

If you are doing something that you wouldn’t have done in the presence of your partner, then you are acting in bad faith. Of course, this can vary by certain degrees depending on what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. But the truth remains. If you’re uncomfortable with doing something in front of your partner but you still do it behind their backs, it’s probably cheating.

Cheating can take its shape in the form of you staring into the eyes of another person for way too long. It can be you just exchanging flirtatious texts with someone. It might be you kissing someone on the cheek without your partner knowing it. It’s the fact that you’re deliberately doing something that you would never do in front of your partner that constitutes the cheating. You’re being DISHONEST in this act and that’s how you know that it’s bad.

You should only ever really conduct yourself with other people the way that you would whenever your partner is around. Otherwise, if you are holding back who you really are when your partner is present, and yet you persist to do all of these things behind their back, then that is a blatant show of dishonesty. That’s what I believe unfaithfulness looks like. To me, that is a blatant betrayal of trust that is forged within a romantic relationship. And that’s the kind of trust that is difficult to rebuild once it is broken.

One thing that you have to know about me is that any relationship that I’m in is always going to require a sense of trust and honesty. One can not exist without the other. And certainly, there is no love when there is no trust and honesty at all. When you compromise one, you end up compromising everything. And it’s not even just about cheating. It’s not just about whether you get romantically entangled with someone else or not.

It’s about you staying true to who you are whenever you are with me. I want you to be your genuine self whenever you’re together. And I want you to be consistent with your character even when I’m not around. If you act a certain way whenever you are around me and then you turn around and act in a different manner, I see that as dishonesty. I see that as deceit. I see that as manipulation and I don’t want to have any part in it. I don’t want to allow myself to be made a fool of.

Being faithful in a relationship isn’t just you making sure that you keep it in your pants. It’s more than you just making sure that you don’t flirt with anyone else. Being faithful means you staying true to who you are. It means you actively choosing to love me and be with me every single day that we’re together. Being faithful means you always doing everything you can to get closer to me and to make sure that nothing ever comes between us.

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