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An affectionate father has expressed his frustration towards individuals on social media who criticized him for kissing his five-year-old on the lips.

Tom, from Yorkshire (@tom_leeds), strongly condemned trolls who accused him of confusing his son Roman, with some even suggesting that he could be making the child ‘more susceptible to cavities’.

In a recent video discussing the color of their eyes, Tom shared a brief peck with his little one. However, a commenter advised against kissing on the lips, to which Tom responded, “I will continue to kiss my son on the lips. Thank you.”

In a follow-up video, the father emphasized that he will continue to show affection to his son as long as Roman is comfortable with it. He addressed the concerns raised in the previous comment, stating, “I find it worrying that it bothers you.” Tom expressed his love for his five-year-old child, explaining that he will continue to kiss him on the lips until he no longer wants it, as he cherishes their bond. He acknowledged that someday his son may distance himself, but for now, he sees no reason to change.

While most comments expressed support for the affectionate father, Tom had to address additional concerns. In a peculiar comment, someone suggested that kissing a child on the lips could make them more prone to cavities by transferring bacteria. Roman joined his father in responding to this comment, dismissing it as silly.

The frustration of the parent was evident in his latest video, which has garnered over 15,700 views. He responded to a commenter advising against kissing, stating, “Don’t kiss your children on the lips fact. Because not all humans have the right intentions, do you see what I’m saying? Don’t make it acceptable!” Tom sarcastically addressed this logic, highlighting the absurdity of assuming that kissing a family member would lead a child to kiss strangers. He humorously pointed out that by the same logic, he should not allow his son in his car or house since he might think it’s normal to enter a stranger’s car or house. Tom proposed that the more logical approach would be to teach his son that kissing his parents is normal while kissing strangers is not.


Replying to @Nicole you are starting to geuinely concern me now. #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #xuhuong #foryoupage

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Many viewers rushed to offer their support, encouraging the father to continue showing his love for his children. One commenter stated, “If anyone sees anything other than a dad kissing his son, then they’re the ones we need to watch out for.” Another agreed, saying, “If someone thinks it’s wrong to kiss your child, then they have issues that need questioning. No one will stop me from giving my baby kisses.” Additionally, other parents shared their own experiences, expressing their affectionate gestures towards their children.

One parent wrote, “I will continue to grab my 3 boys by their faces and give them big kisses and give them big kisses. I adore my babies.” Another added, “My daughter is 11, she kisses me on the lips. If I were to turn my head, she would think she’d done something wrong.” Yet another parent shared, “Oh those people should jog on!!! I kiss my 18 and 16-year-old boys!!! Looooveee them to bits.”

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