Sure Indications that you’re Trapped in a Troubled Relationship

Everyone wants someone in his life who understands him and they have an inclination to find a partner for a number of reasons. Sometimes those reasons may be wrong and even if you’re intentions are right the relationship may seem off. Some people want to feed their sexual energy and others just want someone who will spend their whole lives and make them believe in true love. However, things aren’t always destined to end well and there are times when you’re trapped in a relationship you don’t really want to be a part of and you both make each other miserable by clinging onto what’s not meant to be.

There are a number of reasons why you feel, your relationship doesn’t have the same vigor as it’s supposed to be. Here are some of the things you can do to make amends.

Analyze your Current Situation

You need to take a broader view and think outside the box while analyzing your relationships. Is there something you’re doing wrong which is affecting your partner? Are you holding him back from things and talents he possesses?

Have a Relationship meeting

The best way is to sit down and talk it out with your partner because who would know better than the one you is having problems with. Moreover, if you’re having any sort of query or things you feel that you’re being left on, you always have the option of candor. Laying out everything on the table gives something to you fix and keeping yourself in the dark only enervates your bond.

7 Indications you’re trapped in a faulty relationship

В 1. Unhappiness

There are certain times whenВ abandoning ship is the best thing to do for both parties in a relationship. If you’re unhappy because the thought of your partner makes the muscles on your head cringe, then you’ll only end up making it more miserable as time progresses. You need to give it your all but you need to be ready when you have to take a decision for both of you.

It’s a common occurring that relationships can become tiresome and hard to manage. You shouldn’t be worried about such fluctuations and be optimistic about the future.

В 2. A codependent Relationship

We all want to fix others because it brings us happiness. All of us are filled with holes which need our attention. Suppose, your girlfriend was in a state of chronic depression before you took her by the arms and provided a cure for all her diseases. However, you are afraid that if you leave at any point in the relationship, it’ll only end up in the resurrection of her past. This can be really harmful for you and these reasons can produce serious breaches in the relationship. The only reason you need to be in a relationship is because you love her and if that is not the primary reason, you need to get out.

В 3. Recurrent tries to leave but you’re too nice?

You’ve tried to leave your girlfriend but she always has these weepy eyes whenever you go close to the door? You can’t take her tears and her pain? You think you’re being nice by like this? You’re only worsening the situation by doing this. If pity is the only reason you’re clinging on to your partner, then you should feel sorry for yourself too.

В 4. You’re Not being yourself

You’re having a hard time being yourself because your partner is too bossy and dominant around you. If you can’t be yourself then you’re completely destroying your freedom and concealing your true potential. If you follow your woman around with all the servility in the world and having no opinion in anything whatsoever, you’re going to end up being trapped in an abject state.

В 5. Listen to the perspective of a third Party

We all know that our parents can be clingy and they try to get involved in our relationships in one way or another. They may pass comments but sometimes they’re right. If they’re sensing that something is off, then it’s good to ponder on their opinion and see things from a different perspective. Your friends have the ability to detect small changes in your behavior before you do and they can be a source of assistance.

В 6. Not interested in your Partner

If you’re cheating around and are finding other potential dates and flirting with someone other than your girlfriend then it’s plausible that things are not right. It’s better to end the relationship than doing something which will pour the entire blame on you and fill you with regret.

В 7. Your Partner is bossy

If you’re partner bosses you around and makes you do things which do not reflect your personality and are suppressing your true potential, you’ll end up being agitated with all of it. This will consequently lead to a situation you’re fed up of her. If you have an abusive relationship, then it’s better to end it.

You have no reason to stay in a relationship that only hurts you time and again and makes you begrudge a lot of things. You deserve all the happiness in the world and there should be no reason that you trap yourself in something that takes you away from such a beautiful thing.

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