Johnny Depp Has Also Filed an Appeal a Day after Amber Heard Launched Her Appeal against the June Verdict

The legal fight between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is not ending anytime soon.

The latest update tells that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has also filed an appeal in the Virginia Court of Appeals on Friday, July 22, just a day after his ex-wife Amber Heard filed her appeal on Thursday, July 21.

Now both actors are in the process of appealing the verdict in their blockbuster defamation case.

Last month, on June 1, 2022, the Virginia Court concluded the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and ruled in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

The seven-member jury unanimously announced its verdict, stating that the actress had defamed her ex-husband through her 2018 op-ed and wrongfully accused him.

The Aquaman actress wrote in the Washington Post that she was domestically mistreated. Although she didn’t explicitly name Johnny Depp in her op-ed, it was pretty evident she was blaming him.

In response, Johnny sued her for fifty million dollars for wrongly accusing him of being a horrible husband.

Heard then countersued him for a hundred million dollars by accusing him of setting up a “dirty campaign” against her and calling her claims” A blatant lie.”

According to the verdict, Amber was supposed to pay 10 million dollars in damages to Johnny Depp.

Later in June, the legal teams of both Amber and Johnny met at the court to reach a settlement; the attorney tried to make a last-minute agreement to reduce the damages Amber owed to Johnny.

However, they couldn’t settle anything, and the Judge officially ordered the 36-year-old actress to pay the damage money – $10.35 million.

Judge Penney Azcarate also ordered the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ actor to pay $2 million in damages to ex-wife Amber Heard.

After Heard’s appeal, Depp’s representatives stated that they were confident the court’s decision would stand in their favor.

“The jury listened to the extensive evidence presented during the six-week trial and came to a clear and unanimous verdict that the defendant herself defamed Mr. Depp in multiple instances. We remain confident in our case and that this verdict will stand,” Daily Mail reported.

According to the People, a source close to the ‘Rum Diary’ actor told the outlet,

It was an overwhelmingly positive verdict for Johnny, who believes that this is a time for both parties to move on with their lives and heal.”

“But if Ms. Heard is determined to pursue further litigation by appealing the verdict, Mr. Depp is filing a concurrent appeal to ensure that the full record and all relevant legal issues are considered by the Court of Appeal.”

Heard’s appeal came a week after a judge denied her request for a new trial.

Earlier this month, the actress’s attorneys claimed in court that the evidence used to support the jury’s finding that she had maligned Depp, 59, was insufficient.

Amber’s defense team also argued that one of the jurors was not thoroughly screened and shouldn’t have been allowed to serve on the panel.

“It is deeply troubling for an individual not summoned for jury duty nonetheless to appear for jury duty and serve on a jury, especially in a case such as this,” they argued.

Amber’s lawyers requested that a new trial should be ordered. However, Judge Penney Azcarate rejected pleas from Heard’s team for additional hearings. She also stated that Amber’s lawyers could request a judicial appeal if they wanted one.

“We believe the court made errors that prevented a just and fair verdict consistent with the First Amendment. We are therefore appealing the verdict.

“While we realize today’s filing will ignite the Twitter bonfires, there are steps we need to take to ensure both fairness and justice.” A spokesperson for the Aquaman actress released this statement on her behalf on Thursday.

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