Ladies, Do You Believe That Good Men Still Exist?

Ladies, what do you think?

Ladies, do you still believe in the concept of the good man? Do you still believe in the idea of one day meeting the perfect gentleman? He’s bound to still be out there, right? He still exists?

You are probably fed up of all the bad men that you’ve dated in your life. You probably hate that each relationship that you have been in eventually comes crumbling to the ground because it turns out that the guy was a douche. You hate always falling for the guy who is wrong for you the bad guy. You are hoping that one day, you will meet the good man. You are hoping that one day, you will meet the man who will right all of the wrongs in your life. And this is what this good man looks like:

He is the man of your dreams. He is the one who is going to treat you right even from the start. He is the one who is going to approach you in a sensitive manner. He is the one who is going to be careful of your feelings. He will be mindful of your feelings and he will never force you to move at a pace that you’re uncomfortable with. He is going to be shy at first. But he will try his best to exude confidence when he’s with you. You can see right through him though. You can tell that he’s nervous and that he’s not his usual self when he’s with you. It endears you to him somehow. He’s the kind of guy who smiles at you and shakes your hand when he first meets you. In your mind, he was just being polite, but in his mind, he was thinking that he just shook the hand of the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

He isn’t going to make you uncomfortable by being too aggressive right away. Before anything else, he is going to be your friend first. Perhaps he will try to manipulate his way into getting another chance encounter with you or he may hit you up on social media. He will take subtle and non-aggressive approaches to being your friend and establishing some kind of emotional bond with you. He will try his best to make you comfortable with him. He will try his best to make you see that he doesn’t mean you any harm. And little by little, he’s going to win you over with his charm and his goofs. He isn’t a perfect man, by all means. But you know that he has a good heart, and that’s enough to keep you on the hook.

You give in eventually, and you start dating him. And you don’t regret this decision because you realize right away what a great guy he is. He starts opening himself up to you more. He is letting you know that he trusts you with his most intimate thoughts and feelings. He is showing you that he is willing to believe in you and that you can do the same with him. He wants to tell you that you are also free to open yourself up and that he would never betray your trust. He would never do anything to make you feel like he is feeding off of your insecurities and vulnerabilities. He would never do anything to deliberately hurt or harm you. He would never put you in a place of discomfort or danger, and you know that. He is going to make sure that you can feel safe and secure whenever you are around him.

And so you start falling in love with him. Things are all going according to plan. And you are the happiest that you have ever been. You don’t know what you could do to possibly make your life better. You don’t know what you ever did in life to deserve this man. He always treats you right. Sure, you have your fights and arguments now and then, but he always makes it a point to fix them. He never likes going to bed angry at you. He always wants to make sure that you still love him because he is helplessly in love with you. He is a man for keeps and he’s the one you should never let go of. He is the one you should fight like hell to keep in your life because you know that he is one in a million.

This man still exists, right? We should still be able to believe that he exists. We should be patient. We have to be strong. We have to be willing to put ourselves through all the wrong relationships until we actually find the right one. We have to wait for the good man to walk into our lives and make all of the waiting worth it.

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