Man Thought He Was Getting Petrol at £1 While Using Tesco Pay At Pump Service And Took All His Cars To Fuel Up

Recently a man in Bristol, United Kingdom, tried to stock up on fuel when he got to know that he only had to pay £1 for it.

On June 25, Mike J Ind went to a petrol pump to get fuel for his car, used the pay at the pump service, and got £10 worth of fuel. When he checked his deduction, he noticed that he was charged only £1.

Mike thought a bargain deal was going on and went back to get more fuel. Once again, his card showed that he paid only £1. So, he decided to take fuel for his other cars as well.

Mike returned home with an accomplished feeling that he had bagged a great discounted deal. He even shared the deal with his friends and asked them to get their tanks full asap!

Then he took to his Facebook account and wrote a post,

“So thought it was my lucky day today as put a tenner of fuel in and noticed it only took £1 on my card so went back round and filled it right up. Again just a £1 taken. Went home and swapped cars over and filled that up and another £1 so filled the last car up and another £1. Thinking it was my lucky day and 3 cars full for £4, so put it on a couple of chats. I am in letting people know.”

His post went viral on Facebook, and people started commenting; a few pointed out that there’s no such deal like that, and he was mistaken.

Poor Mike didn’t know that when you use the Tesco pay at the pump station, £1 is instantly deducted from your account, and the rest is always deducted later.

So, what actually happened was he was charged the full amount, i.e., £10, for each time he filled up his car tank, and because he did it four times, his total bill was £40.

So, after understanding the procedure and doing the math, Mike edited his Facebook post and wrote,

“What a w***er I am. Thought it was too good to be true. Never get anything in life for free, and I don’t know how I managed to get this far in life.”

So far, his post has been shared by four thousand people on the platform and has received nearly three thousand likes and comments.

“Something I’d do tbh.” A user commented.

“If I didn’t know, I for sure would’ve done this.” Said another.

“Lol, stop feeling bad about yourself. I would have done the same if my pal didn’t stop me at the pump.” Someone else wrote.

Some people also criticized him for not knowing about the service and how it works.

“How the hell did you get through life till now? Just wow.”

“Hey, Mike! Just wanted to ask you if you are for real. Lol.”

A few users also suggested that he should withdraw all the cash from his bank account to save himself from the £40 bill.

“Withdraw the money from your account and tell the bank your card got stolen x.”

“Dude, take yo money from yo card and throw it away, lmao.”

The next day on June 26, Mike updated his Facebook profile picture by putting up an edited picture of him at the petrol pump station. The caption of the hilarious photoshopped picture said,

Me at Pump 6 today thinking I was getting a bargain tank of fuel for a £1. Was so happy.”

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