Maren Morris defends Meghan Markle Against ‘Profound Hatred’ Amid ‘Harry & Meghan’ documentary

American singer and songwriter Maren Morris has come forward to defend the royal couple amid the release of their Netflix documentary, ‘Harry and Meghan.’

In a new TikTok video, the 32-year-old R&B singer said that although she hasn’t watched the documentary yet, she doesn’t understand the hate directed towards the former actress and now royal family member, Meghan Markle.

“I do have some questions,” said Maren.“This profound hatred and annoyance at Meghan Markle specifically — mostly coming from women, I have to say — it’s unfathomable to me. People are saying, ‘Oh, a woman should never take a man away from his family. That’s all that this is.’ Um, have you seen this family?”

The country singer captioned her video, “The monarchy fascination continues…” and then explained that she had a long fascination with the British monarchy.

Morris said that she plans to watch the documentary soon; however, she does not understand why people hate Meghan despite knowing the complete royal history.

Starting all the way back to the abdication of King Edward VIII in the 1930s, Morris said that he had to leave the crown because his family wouldn’t allow it, which is just not right.

“[He] left the family because they would not allow him to marry the woman he loved because she had been divorced.”

She added, “When they didn’t allow Princess Margaret to marry Peter Townsend, she did not leave the family, but I kind of wish she had.”

Speaking of the People’s Princess and King Charles’s ex-wife, Princess Diana, the most beloved lady in the UK, Maren said what the family did to her was enough for everyone to make the proper judgment.

“I mean apart from Diana, Princess Margaret’s story was one of the saddest. When we talk about Princess Di, she didn’t leave her children, but she left the family,” she said while admitting that she has watched The Crown and despite being a fan of the show, she knows some things are really annoying about the monarchy.

“I can only speak as an American who’s fascinated with this stuff, but people have been annoyed by royals or a particular person in the royal family for centuries,” the My Church singer continued. “So, we are only living in this time of everything being so front-facing and people getting Netflix documentaries and what have you.”

The country singer concluded her video by recalling one scene from The Crown where former King Edward asked Queen Elizabeth to protect the crown over everything else and said history shows that it has always come down to a woman, and now the Duchess of Sussex is being hated for absolutely no reason.

“This all feels very pointed at one woman, as it mostly always has [been] in history,” she said.

The first part of the documentary was released on Netflix on December 8, comprises three episodes, and has received mixed reviews.

Many people have criticized the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for participating in a Netflix series and opening up about their personal life after stepping back from their royal duties in 2020.

In the documentary, the couple, who got married in May 2018 and share two children together – Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 18 months, revealed that their romance began on Instagram.

“I was scrolling through my feed, and someone who was a friend had this video of the two of them, like a Snapchat,” said Harry.

The younger son of the new King said he was intrigued by Meghan’s snap which has a dog filter on her face.

“I wanted to know more about the woman behind the filter, so I asked, ‘who is that?’” he recalled.

Meghan who has been in the headlines again after the first part of the series, said that she had dealt with things that were rude and racist.

“I don’t even know where to begin, I just really want to get to the other side of all of this. I don’t know what to say anymore.”

The second part of ‘Harry and Meghan’ will be released on Netflix on December 15.

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