Michael J. Fox Has Been Losing His Battle Against Parkinson’s Disease And It’s Heartbreaking

Michael J. Fox has been a true hero and inspiration to a lot of us in this world. A lot of us first fell in love with him with his role in the popular Back To The Future films. But there is also a huge bulk of us who fell in love with him, even more, when he opened up about his struggles with Parkinson’s disease. There are moments wherein he actually looks like he’s going to beat the disease. And then there are times wherein you just think that he’s going to get beaten by it. It’s always been a rollercoaster ride with him but he has always shown resilience he has never given up.

“The truth is that on most days, there comes a point where I literally can’t stop laughing at my own symptoms,” Fox commented so bravely and candidly. He then proceeds to share more about his struggle with the disease; to give us a glimpse into his daily life.

“Just the other morning I come into the kitchen,” Fox says. “I pour a cup — a little trouble there. Then I put both hands around the cup. She’s watching. ‘Can I get that for you, dear?’ ‘Nah, I got it!’ Then I begin this trek across the kitchen. It starts off bad. Only gets worse. Hot java’s sloshing onto my hands, onto the floor.”

The History of the Disease:

When Fox was only 18, he had decided to make the move to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. However, it wasn’t instant success for him. He had to settle for a lot of nights with cheap mac and cheese dinners because he barely made enough money to get by. However, he knew he had the talent and resilience to eventually find success in the business. It didn’t really take too long before the offers for auditions started to pour in. Eventually, he got his big break when he landed the role of Alex P. Keaton on Family ties in 1982. He later went on to star in Teen Wolf, High School U.S.A, Poison Ivy, and the biggest movie of his career, Back To The Future. It seemed as if this kid was bound for great things in life. He had so much energy, charisma, and talent. The universe was his to grab. He was a movie star and there was no denying it. He was gaining so much momentum and it looked as if nothing would be able to stop him.

But then he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the early 90’s and it seems like he’s been losing that fight ever since. He is now 54 years old and that’s not necessarily a very old age. There are so many movie stars today who are making waves in the industry well into their late 50’s. But Fox is no longer active in his acting career. He speech is now compromised because of his disease and that can make it difficult for him to deliver lines. His left foot is practically unresponsive now and he can barely use it to walk properly. Doctors say that he is expected to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life even before he reaches the age of 60.

He was once spotted out earlier this year when he and his wife had dinner out on the town. He was visibly weak and he had substantial trouble getting in and out of his car. It’s virtually impossible for him to get around these days without the help of multiple people. It’s very heartbreaking. A lot of Fox’s friends and family are distraught whenever they see him. He is a very brave soul but bravery can really only get you so far. The disease is really eating away at his body and even Fox has reportedly come to terms with the fact that he is losing this battle with the disease.

A source close to fox has been quoted to say, “Michael sees every day as a gift, as well as an opportunity to help other sufferers. His Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has done so much and has raised millions of dollars, but a cure remains well out of reach.

Michael may be down, but he’s not out. It was a struggle for him during his rare outing, but as he headed away from the restaurant he even managed to flash a peace sign to his fans from the back of the limo.”

Michael J. Fox was once named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. The magazine wrote of him saying that he was a person “whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world.” Despite his trials, Fox has always found a way to stay positive. He has always allowed his sense of humor to shine through with an optimistic mind in spite of the dark circumstances.

  1. You are such an inspiration to others. My best friend has Parkinson’s and your foundation helps her so much with the information and support you provide. God bless you and I pray for your health. You have an amazing family

  2. Michael. My daughter has Parkinson’s. She is interested in the procedure: Focused Ultra Sound to relieve her tremors. What is your opinion on this procedure? Is there anybody else reading this that can give me some information on this procedure?

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