Millie Bobby Brown says She Would Marry Noah Schnapp If They’re Both Single at 40

Stranger Things lead star Millie Bobby Brown recently revealed that if she’d be single at 40, she would marry her co-star.

Although the 18-year-old young actress is currently in a relationship with Jake Bongiovi, the son of Rockstar Jon Bon Jovi, the couple started dating almost a year ago.

In her latest interview with MTV News, the actress appeared along with her co-star Noah Schnapp who played the character of Will Byers in the series.

The teenagers opened up about their marriage pact and shared with fans that they would marry each other if they will be single at the age of forty.

“We said if we’re not married by 40, we’ll get married together because we’d be good roomies,” said Millie.

“Ok, we would?” Noah said while smiling.

“Yeah, but Completely platonically, we would still be really good roomies.”

“No kids, though, because I could not deal with a child of yours…

“Oh, that’s my dealbreaker.” Interrupted Noah.

“Yeah, that’s my dealbreaker too.” Millie continued.

“So, Yeah, no kids at all. Only dogs… and separate bedrooms, for sure – my God, you’re so messy.”

Their interview went viral as it was released a few weeks before Volume 2 of Season 4 came out on Netflix.

Stranger Things fans already love their friendship as they witnessed the two sharing a beautiful connection in Volume 1.

I like the chemistry these two. Millie is outspoken, confident and always has many things to say. Noah is the other hand, like an introverted person and comfortable being around his BFF.” A person commented under the video on YouTube.

“It’s amazing that the boy who was lost and the girl who was found became best friends. You can tell how much of a bond they’ve built.” Said another.

“Everyone needs a “Noah” to their “Millie, and vice versa! These two are ideal friendship goals!!” A third commented.

“Millie and Noah are just the sweetest. they’re the perfect people to portray their roles imo, considering how deeply caring and sensitive el and will both are!! their friendship is so wholesome and you can tell how strong their bond is.” Someone else said.

The actors also shared that they were friends even before they started shooting for season 1 of the show in 2016. And their friendship really helped them in developing on-screen chemistry.

“Noah and I have been friends for eight years, I’ve known you since I was 10.

“We have built such a friendship together, I feel like. And you’re also one of the longest friends I’ve ever had, I don’t know if you know that, but I didn’t grow up in school so I didn’t have any friends from my childhood, so you really are one of those people for me.” Brown said.

“Something that Noah has always done so well is make me feel so comfortable, so empowered, and he is an amazing co-star to riff off of.” She continued.

“He’s always been my biggest supporter cheering me on and for that, especially in this day and age, I think it’s really nice to have boys like that. Boys who support girls.”

Schnapp added to the discussion and said that their chemistry and connection is the best thing about their friendship and he thoroughly enjoyed his time with Brown especially in Volume 1 when they were the only ones at school in California.

“I mean, I think chemistry is so important. Like on set and just getting along with each other and I think me and Millie we just a week together where we had to film just us at the school and it was just so fun and it makes work so much easier and I just love being at work and stuff and I believe if you love doing a job, you do it so much better.”

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