Never Underestimate A Woman’s Ability To Find Out The Truth

Hell hath no fury…

Sure. You can have your fun and games for now. You can go behind her back and sneak around. You can play her like a fiddle because you think you’re good at this game. You think that you’re never going to get caught. You think that you’re just going to keep on trotting along this path that you have forged for yourself without having to think about the repercussions of your actions. Everything is a game to you and this girl is just part of it. You don’t care about how she feels at all and so you continue to toy with her and manipulate her. You abuse her and you make her think that everything is her fault while you’re off having fun behind her back. You make her think that she’s the problem in the relationship even though you’re the toxic one who is always jeopardizing your relationship with your childish antics. But you don’t think that she’s ever going to come to that kind of realization. You don’t think that she could ever bring herself to blame you to hate you. You don’t think that she has it in her to actually pursue the truth and see what’s happening right before her very eyes. But you underestimate her ability. You underestimate her strength. And someday, you are going to realize that what you are doing right now is the biggest mistake you are going to make in your life.

Never underestimate a woman’s ability to find out the truth. She may not see it right now but she will. And once she does, she will not want to have anything to do with you. She is going to walk away from everything that you have built together and she won’t even bother to look back. No amount of apologies or pleading on your part is going to be enough to make her want to stay. She is going to walk away from you once she realizes that you are the trigger for her stress and anxiety in her life. She is going to walk away from you when she finds out the truth about all of your shameless antics behind her back. She is going to walk away from you when she sees that you’re never going to become the man that she wanted you to be; the man that she deserves to be with. So you can just go on and keep having your fun for the moment. She’s going to tolerate it for now because she’s too blinded for her love. But when she starts opening her own eyes and heart to the truth, you’re just going to have to get used to not having her around to toy with anymore. Once she uncovers the truth about your intentions, she isn’t going to want anything to do with you anymore. Once she realizes everything that you truly are to her, then she is going to walk away without even saying goodbye.

You should never underestimate a woman’s ability to find out the truth. Just because you think that she’s dumb and slow doesn’t mean that she is. It might just mean that she’s emotional and loving, and that’s why she’s willing to tolerate so much of your crap. She might just care for you a little too much and that’s why she’s choosing to overlook all the bad aspects of your personality. It might just mean that she’s a genuinely kind person who always chooses to see the good in the people around her despite the fact that you are abusing and manipulating her kindness every single day that you’re together.

She isn’t dumb or stupid. She just sees a broken soul whenever she sees you. She sees a person she thinks she can fix and heal with her love. She sees someone who has the potential to change; someone who has the potential for good. She’s not really being blind or shallow. She is choosing to acknowledge the good parts of herself and she’s trying to project them unto you. But once she uncovers the truth, once she realizes that you are a lost cause who isn’t worth saving at all, she will have no problem packing her things up and go.

And where will you be once she’s gone? What will become of you once she realizes the truth and that everything she used to believe in was a lie? What will happen to you? Do you think that you’re ever going to find another girl like her? 

You will never find someone who is going to love you the way that she did despite the way that you treated her. You will never find someone who will care about you in ways that you never really deserved. And you’re the fool for not realizing that. You are the one who doesn’t know the truth: She deserves so much better than you.

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