11 Clingy Things That She Does Which Make Her The Perfect Girlfriend

She’s the perfect girlfriend.

1. She asks for you to actually define the relationship.

She isn’t contented with merely playing around. She’s not in it just for the random fun that you have with one another. She’s not going to be taking this relationship casually and nonchalantly. She really likes you and she wants whatever you have with one another to be as real as possible. And she knows that the only way you can legitimize your relationship is if you actually define it. She’s all-in and she wants to know if you feel the same.

2. She texts you consistently.

It’s not that she means to annoy you. She just wants to constantly check up on you and make sure that you’re alright. It also means that she wants to make sure that you’re constantly communicating with one another. She knows that texting is a great tool that couples can use to communicate despite the distance. And she just wants to be able to maximize that opportunity. It would be a lot better to have someone who constantly wants to talk to you than to be in a relationship where your girl is just always ignoring you.

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3. She gets upset whenever you don’t treat her right.

She only gets upset whenever you don’t treat her right because she knows that she deserves so much more than that. She is the kind of girl who would go to the moon and back for you just to make you happy. And so while she doesn’t necessarily ask for anything in return, it would be nice for you to be nice to her every now and then. Her love for you is unconditional, but she would also like it if you reciprocated her efforts in the relationship as well.

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4. She always likes to have you around for company.

Can you blame her for wanting you to hang out with her often? She wants you to be like a team. She wants you to always feel included in her life the same way that she wants to feel included in yours. She doesn’t want to be a mere spectator with how you live your life. And that’s why she always tries to keep you around.

5. She opens up about sharing a future with you.

She isn’t just taking things as they come. She legitimately knows that she wants a future with you and she is very much open about it. She is a planner and an organizer. She envisions a future for the both of you and she wants to do whatever she can to stick to that plan.

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6. She isn’t afraid to get touchy with you.

She likes you. She’s physically attracted to you. She wants to constantly have her hands on you because she likes you so much. While it can get annoying at times, you should be thankful to have a girl who is so into you. It would be so much better than being in a relationship with a woman who is just downright withholding when it comes to physical affection. It’s always better to have too much of love than to have too little of it.

7. She constantly posts about you on her social media feeds.

It’s just that she’s proud of being in a relationship with you, for one. And she’s also trying to mark her territory. She’s letting other people know that she’s not available for dating anyone else and frankly, neither are you at this point. She is just protective of what you have with one another.

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8. She gets a little too inquisitive about your life.

She really wants to get to know you to the best of her abilities, and the only way she can do that is if she asks you lots of questions. She just wants to get you to open up so that you can get loser to one another as a couple.

9. She genuinely carves out time from her schedule to be with you.

Time is the most precious thing that we could ever give to another person. And so if she’s constantly giving you a huge bulk of her time, then that probably tells you just how important you are to this person. She knows that the amount of time she invests in you directly correlates to the amount of success that you’re going to have in your relationship together.

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10. She can get possessive and territorial at times.

She is obviously heavily invested in you and in the relationship. We always act territorial and possessive with the things that we value most in life. You wouldn’t want a girlfriend who wouldn’t care about you just flirting about with other women. It would mean that she isn’t as interested and as invested in you as you would hope she would be.

11. She tells you that she’s really into you.

She doesn’t try to play hard to get with you. She doesn’t try to act coy. She doesn’t try to hide her true feelings. She isn’t going to want to play any games with you. She likes you and she’s upfront about it. She wears her heart on her sleeve because she knows that that is the ultimate gesture of trust and vulnerability.

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