6 Decent Ways to Make Her Fall in Love

It is undeniably true that women also have an instant of realization “yes! that’s exactly who I’ve been looking for all this time”. However, little casual doings of a man can make them rethink if their suspicion is entirely a single sided opinion. It is not impossible to make your crush fall in love with you, men need to take steps that will keep her close to you and not dissuade from you. A relationship is all about how you communicate and express your sentiments to each other and the little efforts you to make your significant other feel special. Here are a few tips and tricks, so that you can reset your preferences to get the dream girl of your life.

1. Converse and make her feel worthy and appreciated

We all know women love to engage in active communication. Anyone who may be dull and does not really have an interest in talking his heart out might be considered either dull or uninterested. So no matter how much you like the girl, it is impossible to prove it if you can’t initiate a healthy conversation.
Pro tip: never let the girl feels she is in an awkward conversation. I repeat, never.

Here’s what I mean by healthy conversation;
Find out one thing you both have common. It is always good to know what can be a point of conflict and to be able to handle any sort of backlash from the other side actively.

2. Take the pressure off of yourself

When men have to take someone on a date for the first time, they are super nervous. Well, anyone could be. No one wants to destroy their first chance and turn into a last one. They want to make sure that everything is perfect from their cologne to the place he is taking her. While preparing for the ideal date they come as tensed and nervous. They bring so much pressure on themselves that the vibes they emit can make others uncomfortable too. Women don’t like confused or nervous men. Take her on a date with the thought that there are more days to come, behave in a way that she is already your girl and you are taking her on your first date. Stay confident and make her feel as comfortable as you can.

3. Compliment her

If a man dishes out too many compliments on his first date, he is considered to be insincere and trite. But, it is very important to give balanced compliments to your date. A girl makes a lot of effort to dress up for her date, notice the little things and compliments on those which she never thought you would notice. Along the line, compliment her about her gestures, humor, intelligence and her presence. It makes a girl feel very special when someone pays heed to her personality more than her looks. She feels at home and will be more of herself around you. So, now you know that compliments are an essential part of a date.

4. Don’t be too serious

There is no doubt that it is important to connect on a deeper level with your partner. To get to know their point of views and opinions on specific serious issues. It is essential because you need to see if you guys can bond on those topics and live a life together. But, it is equally important to goof around. Go to an adventure park together, play some pranks on her, make all the lame and funny jokes when you are with her. When you laugh with her till both your stomach hurt and it gets difficult to breathe, it is then she is having some of her best time with you. After all, it feels fantastic to know that your partner is equally weird and crazy as you are.

5. Subtly surprise her

It is super easy to surprise your girl and make her feel that she is the only one you think about and feel intensely for. Surprises keep the spark ignited and made a little effort seem exceptional. Look out for the shirt she has been eyeing on for a while, drop by her office with her favorite lunch or just send a cute voice message when she is at work. You will definitely give her butterflies. She will have a beautiful day, and you will be on top of her mind.

6. Ask about people who matter to her:

When a guy takes an interest in the girl’s family and friends he gains the massive respect of that girl. Everyone tries to make a girl theirs, but when someone is genuinely interested in her, he will not mind knowing who she is close to or who matters in her life. After all, she is not the only one who he needs to impress. Listen carefully, when she speaks about the people around her and show some concern for them. This will make her climb a step higher on the ladder of her attraction towards you.

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