The most-definitive signs of a one-sided relationship

If this hits home, it may be time to end things…

What’s the one solid truth that everyone must know about relationships? It is always going to require lots of hard work, resilience, commitment, and good luck. You can’t possibly be in a successful relationship with someone if you just refuse to put in the work. You always have to be able to exert maximum effort in preserving the integrity of your relationships. You are probably mature enough to know that relationships aren’t always going to be easy. There will be lots of rough patches that you and your boyfriend are going to have to go through and that’s fine. No relationships are perfect and that’s why we are all taught to always try to work through the hardships. We are all encouraged to just stick with it and hope for the best because good things apparently come to those who are patient.

However, it can also get to the point of toxicity and unhealthiness. We have to know when we’ve reached our limits especially when it comes to relationships. Not all relationships are worth saving, and you have to realize that early on if you want to save yourself lots of emotional trauma. Some people make the mistake of staying in toxic relationships just because they think they can still work things out. They will try to work through the emotional pain just because they think they still have a shot at pulling through. However, for these girls, they would be better off just cutting their losses, walking away, and licking their wounds.

There’s no point in staying in a relationship that is doomed to fail. Be mature enough to acknowledge that things just aren’t working out between the both of you and learn to move on. So how do you know if you’re in the kind of relationship that has absolutely no hope of surviving? Just read on through this list and see if your relationship applies to these situations.

1. You always find yourself defending your partner.

Your friends notice it. Your family notices it. Even you notice it. The relationship that you’re in isn’t working out and your man just isn’t the right guy for you. However, your stubbornness just won’t let you listen to reason. You insist that your boyfriend is the man of your dreams and that everyone else is just delusional. You try to make excuses for your man’s shortcomings even though deep down inside, you know that your friends and family are right.

2. You secretly hate spending time with your partner.

You always dread the thought of dates or any time that you spend alone with one another. You know that these times are just opportunities for arguments or awkward small talk. You feel like the connection between the both of you is dying and that’s why you’d rather just avoid any situations wherein you have to force some kind of spark in the relationship. You might not be willing to face the music, but the facts are right there and you know it.

3. You never feel like your boyfriend supports you in your goals and dreams.

Relationships should always be about teamwork. You should only be with a guy who is able to support you in your hopes and dreams. You should choose to be with a man who will push you to become the best possible version of yourself. The best kinds of relationships have couples who cheer each other on. Your boyfriend has to be willing to hoist you up in times of victory and hold your hand in times of defeat. You shouldn’t be willing to give up your dreams just because your boyfriend isn’t supportive of them.

4. Your partner is a bad influence on you.

The most toxic kinds of relationships are able to break the spirits of the people who are involved. These relationships turn these people very cruel and mediocre. If you think that you are becoming a terrible person who isn’t a joy to be around, then you should really consider just walking away. Why would you ever want to stay in a relationship that is turning you into a person you don’t want to become?

5. You feel like your relationship has more downs than ups.

No relationship is perfect. That is plain fact. There will be low points in every relationship and that is perfectly normal. However, if your relationship happens to have more low points than there are high points, then perhaps it would be best for you to seriously reconsider this union. Relationships should be fun, happy, and nurturing. They should never be toxic, sad, and frustrating.

6. Your relationship doesn’t make you happy.

It’s all about being happy. If your relationship isn’t able to bring you joy or happiness, then what is the point of staying in it? Why would you ever want to subject yourself to a life of torment just to keep a toxic relationship alive? If you’re not happy in the relationship, there’s no shame in just walking away.

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