People Who Put Up Christmas Decorations Early Have Higher Levels Of Happiness

We are all already familiar with the Christmas season. It’s impossible not to be. It doesn’t even matter what your religious beliefs are. In this modern age, it’s practically impossible to not have some kind of exposure to the Christmas culture especially when the “-ber” months come rolling along. We already probably associate the Christmas season with gift-giving, happiness, joy, cold weather, food, family, and lots of love. However, this article is going to focus purely on the idea of happiness and how it relates to the Christmas season.

Recent findings and studies have shown that people who get into holiday festivities earlier than others are people who tend to be happier. Who would have known that a person’s level of happiness could be tied to how early one actually puts up Christmas ornaments and decorations? Science Direct, the agency that was responsible for publishing these findings, has said that “The main effect for the decorated factor indicated that raters used Christmas decorations as a cue that the residents were friendly and cohesive.”

If you happen to be the kind of person who just can’t wait to put those ornaments and decorations once the Christmas season comes rolling around, then chances are that you have a very positive and upbeat personality that a lot of people are drawn to. Studies have confirmed that you would be the type of person who other people who consider being sociable and amiable. You have a very warm and welcoming personality. You are always one of the earliest to put up those decorations around your house, and all the other neighbors will take this to mean that you have a very welcoming and hospitable spirit. When you adorn your house with Christmas decorations so eagerly, it just goes to show what kind of inviting personality you truly have. And that kind of outlook and philosophy on life just can’t be achieved when there is little joy and happiness.

The same study has also said that “In the absence of Christmas decorations, raters accurately distinguished between the homes of sociable and non-sociable residents.”

It has been found that early celebrators of the Christmas season were known to be more fun-loving and comfortable in social situations. In fact, these people tended to crave for social interactions a lot. These are the types of people who typically prepare for the Christmas celebration at least around 60-90 days before the actual date. Experts have also suggested that the reason typically tend to partake in early decoration tasks because they want to escape everyday stresses and problems. They use the holiday festivities as a kind of coping mechanism for all the bad and negative things that might be surrounding their lives at that moment. That is also why these people tend to be happier. They are so skilled at just being able to find happiness and joy in life regardless of how their lives are going at a particular time. After all, we all go through stresses and problems. But a lot of us are much more skilled at handling these stresses and problems than other people. Those who are able to look at the silver lining; at the brighter side of life are the same people who tend to just be happier overall.

Furthermore, people who indulge in early Christmas decoration tasks tend to be grounded in family and friendship. These are people who understand the significance of holiday celebrations to establishing deep and close family ties. So, people who have happy upbringings and memorable childhoods tend to be very excited about the Christmas season even when they grow older in life.

The founder of MindFixers, Steve McKeown, has said that people who put up Christmas decorations much earlier than others are those who just can’t wait to relive the best and most colorful parts of their childhood – the holiday season.

There’s just something about the glamour and imagery that accompanies the Christmas season which invokes a sense of nostalgia in a lot of people. With all of the decorations, ornaments, over-sized socks, Christmas jingles, and delicious food, there are plenty of positive associations that people can make to this festive season. A lot of children always associate the Christmas season with limitless excitement, joy, happiness, and love. And it’s no wonder that those who are typically happier in life tend to celebrate the season a little more excitedly than others.

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