This Is How You Are In A Relationship According To Your Birth Order

There is just no doubt that the order in which you were born in your family relative to your siblings is going to affect your personality in a myriad of ways. It’s just because there are certain conditions, responsibilities, and expectations that are set on you depending on where you fall in the line of siblings. That’s why it can be fairly easy to predict how you would act in a relationship depending purely on your birth order. Whether you’re the eldest, the middle child, the youngest, or the only child, you are going to have certain characteristics and traits in your personality that you will carry with you into your relationships. And these traits are going to be distinct only to you.

However, it is still important to note that all people are different and just because two people happen to be the youngest siblings in their respective families doesn’t mean that they’re automatically going to have the same personalities. It’s just that their position in the family setting is likely to enable them to be or act a certain way. It’s also a fun and interesting way to look at how peoples’ personalities are shaped and how their personalities and experiences can affect how they conduct themselves in relationships.

Again, this article is all meant for fun and a little bit of knowledge-sharing. It’s still going to be different on a case-to-case basis because we are all unique human beings with our own unique experiences and distinctions. However, it’s very likely that you would be able to relate to a lot of the things that are going to be listed down here. By sheer observation and analysis, you are likely to act in this manner in a relationship depending on the order of your birth:

Eldest Child

As the eldest child, you are probably bound to be emotionally mature and responsible. You are as reliable and as dependable as can be because you always deliver. You are the kind of person who really commits to your promises, and you know the value of gaining other peoples’ trust.

However, you can also be very dismissive and close-minded. You aren’t really someone who likes to adjust to the pace of other people. And you have a way of forcing other people to be and act the way that you want them to instead of just accepting them for who they really are. You have great initiative but it can also be misconstrued as being overly controlling.

Middle Child

Given that you are the middle child, it’s likely that you have the personality of the peacemaker. You are always able to find a way to merge two different worlds in a way that is cohesive and natural. You are so good at being able to connect with other people who you wouldn’t really have anything in common with. This makes you skilled at conflict resolution in the context of the relationship.

You might also struggle with self-worth and confidence seeing as you aren’t really used to having the spotlight being shone down on you. You tend to like to keep a low-profile and drawing another person’s attention might be hard for you.

Youngest Child

Being the youngest in the family, you are likely to have a very positive and carefree attitude in life. You have a fun personality and you find dating to be a really fun adventure that you can embark on. You like the idea of having someone with whom you can share all sorts of meals, activities, hobbies, and interests. You aren’t really too fond of doing mundane things like chores and errands. But ultimately, you have a good heart and you have a good sense of social awareness.

There is a tendency for you to become naïve because of your youth and your optimism. That’s why it’s important that you and your partner maintain constant communication and that you are able to set boundaries for yourselves. You need to hold each other accountable.

Only Child

Being an only child, you probably know how to be independent. You are someone who is able to provide for yourself because you are so used to just getting things done on your own. You are also a perfectionist because you are used to set high standards for yourself and not having to rely on others. However, dating can be a really difficult adjustment for you especially when you have grown accustomed to just being on your own.

People with siblings will find it easier to accommodate other people in their lives in a very intimate capacity. However, that isn’t really something that is going to come all too naturally to you. It might take a while for you to really warm up to a person enough to let them in.