Prince Louis taunts Kate Middleton while pulling faces at her

The Prince’s behavior during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant was decidedly non-regal.

A video showing the 4-year-old putting his hand over mother Kate Middleton’s mouth went viral on social media.

As the Duchess of Cambridge, 40, tried politely stopping him – no doubt through gritted teeth – the boisterous boy made a series of faces, poked out his tongue, and put his thumb to his nose while wiggling his remaining fingers.

Also, Louis decided to stand up on his chair and throw a cushion – during which Kate decided to take a break with her youngest.

Mike Tindall, the husband of Zara Tindall, Princess William’s cousin, noticed Louis’ behavior.

The retired rugby player told Louis jokingly that he was watching him (and probably expecting him to be a good boy) during a photo shoot.

Additionally, he gave his mum a big kiss and spent some time sitting on his grandfather Prince Charles’ lap.

It wasn’t Louis’ first time showing off his wild nature.

At Thursday’s Trooping the Colour ceremony, he and his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte viewed the procession through Palace windows. His enthusiastic salute astounded everyone.

When the royal family gathered to wave, he barreled past his 96-year-old great-grandmother to gain a prime viewing position. The photographs show Louis pulling various animated faces, including a scream, hands over his ears, and closed eyes in response to loud airplanes flying overhead.

While on the balcony, Lipreaders reported that he briefly told Charlotte to move over.

On the Buckingham Palace balcony, Louis also joined his parents, siblings, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and the Queen – but this time Mum was taking no chances. When her son moved forward, the Duchess reined him in. Her son is similar to her father, Michael Middleton.

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Source: AP & Getty Images

  1. Hilarious! Many young children get bored even if there is much commotion around them. He is atypical child at that age. Love it!

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