Research Shows That Babies Born In January And February Have Higher Chances Of Becoming Famous


If you were born in the winter season, then you might find the details of this article rather comforting to hear. There have been recent studies that show that people who are born in the months of January and February are more likely to become rich and famous compared to those who are born in other months. These findings are based on the research conducted by The Journal of Social Sciences. And even though this might be a very farfetched idea to consider, there actually is some pretty solid science behind it.

How is it possible for scientists to know this in the first place? Well, the first phase of the study looked into the lives of a random collection of people coming from different backgrounds and careers throughout the course of history. And what the leaders of the study found is that the Aquarius people were the ones who were more closely associated with fame and fortune. The random sample size included a bunch of celebrities, sports icons, scientists, and famous politicians. The study determined that a vast majority of them were either born in the months of January or February. For the biggest stars in particular, they were born between January 20 and February 18.

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