21 Signs You’re With A Great Boyfriend

  1. He is your safe place

Having a great boyfriend includes having him be your home that safe place you go to whenever things get ugly. He is your biggest support system. Before you go off to give a thesis defense or learn driving, he will make you feel nervous by words of comfort and consolation. When the worlds let you down, he will take you somewhere fun and make it look like the world you two share amongst yourselves is the only one and the best one there is.

When you face major problems, whether, in your personal life or work life or both, your great boyfriend will be your no.1 driving force to keep going and overcome those problems. He will not only give you the strength to face your fears but will also face them with you if that is what it takes.

All in all, his great love and sympathy for you revolves around the fact that he is your first and foremost support system and he will not let you break, no matter what life throws at you.

  1. He values your differences

Similarities and differences exist in every relationship. The former never pose a threat but the latter are what lead to some arguments and clash of opinions. You will understand eventually how great your boyfriend is so great when you both have major differences when it comes to serious issues like religion, the belief in destiny and fate, and so forth.

It might lead to igniting mild hard feelings, but even that will happen only once in a blue moon and besides, your guy will be understanding enough to not shove down his beliefs down your throat and instead, respect and differences.

  1. He builds on your trust very well

Even though other girls might try to get to him, you know your guy will be loyal to you only because he will assure you of his trust. Even if both of you get jealous at times, at the end of the day, you both will find your way back to each other no matter the obstacles in that way.

  1. He always expresses his feelings for you

It might not be every day or every hour of every day but expect your guy to make clear-cut declarations of his love and care for you. Even though guys seldom express but once committed to you, your guy will always let you know how much he loves you and how much your well-being means the world to him and he never gets tired of it either.

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