21 Signs You’re With A Great Boyfriend

  1. He never lets fights turn your relationship toxic

Your guy will not let the arguments and fights that are the highlights of any relationship ruin everything you both have worked so hard to build. He will do his best to resolve issues, make you see the logic behind all of it in a peaceful manner and so, he will not let the fights turn the relationship toxic in any way.

He might get angry and worried, but that’s only because he doesn’t want to lose you. You both manage to forgive each other within no time and that only makes you love him all the more.

  1. He shares everything with you

His dreams, his likes and dislikes, his future plans, his past mistakes and lessons learned, his deepest secrets, his wildest fantasies and all else in between you will know all of these if you have a great boyfriend who shares everything with you.

He will let you in his little world and trust you with everything that lies there undiscovered. The love and care he has for you will make him want to share things and opinions with you and it will only make your relationship all the more interesting; he will make sure you feel complete a huge part of his world.

  1. He accepts you for whoever you are

Having a great boyfriend does not only mean he loves you the most or brings out the best in you like no one else does. Most relationships do not flourish because one does not entirely accept the other.

This is the key to having a healthy, long-lasting relationship with a great partner, to have them accept you just the way you. If your guy never tries to change you or control you, appreciates the kind of person you are, and never complains about you haves and have-nots then know he is a great partner who truly accepts you for the kind of person you are.

  1. He makes you feel very content

One of the biggest signs that you have a great boyfriend is when you do not find yourself playing the ‘what if’ game in your relationship.

That is to say, you know well the flaws present in your relationship but know that nothing is perfect; your boyfriend makes you feel happy and loved no matter and so, you don’t find yourself wishing for more because you know what you both have in the here and now is amazing and enough just the way it is.

He makes you feel like the luckiest person alive and that in itself is a sign of contentment. He gives you the peace you need to come to terms with what you have in the form of a relationship and no one complains. Win-win for both of you.

  1. He wants a future with you

You will know how great and one-of-a-kind your guy is for you when he wants a future with you in it. whether it is about planning a career someplace new, buying a new car, getting a bunch of pets or starting a charity or something big in the future, your boyfriend will express to you his desire for you to be with him till that point in the future too and to be a part of whatever he does.

He does not want to lose you and truly values you and the relationship so much so as to make it last. Sometimes even the most serious relationships are thrown away due to lack of decision-making where the relationship is going.’ But if your boyfriend tells you pretty loud and clear that yes, he wants you to be a part of his life no matter how much further in the future he might make it, he’s the one.

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