21 Signs You’re With A Great Boyfriend

  1. He proves his feelings to you, too

Anyone can make sweet declarations of love and affection. But as they say, actions speak louder than words as it is. Your great boyfriend will not just express his feelings to you but will also act on them just as much.

He wants to see the sudden smile on your face as he brings you breakfast in bed or hugs and kisses you when you least expect it, even when you return from the gym soaked in sweat. It makes him happy to hear the sound of your laughter when he tells you how he is your knight in shining armor or will conquer the world for you and so forth.

  1. He doesn’t mind when you don’t perform the formalities

If it is your anniversary or his birthday or some other special occasion and you really couldn’t manage to give him a present, your boyfriend will not mind. If he wins a bonus at work or gets promoted to that special job and you couldn’t find time to celebrate right away, he will not mind. These and many other kinds of formalities won’t really matter to him, because his love for you far exceeds the rules of society.

  1. He sees the best in you

Whether it’s in terms of physical beauty or your amazing personality trust your guy to tell you beforehand how amazing you look even if you both know you aren’t the prettiest one around, and that you look great even in your PJs; trust him to see the best in you as a person and have that beauty let out in all the ways you can. He will appreciate you just as you are and it will feel more than enough.

  1. He makes you feel safe and secure

Sometimes when you feel paranoid going to a huge public gathering or some such things, or make your way home with the scared little feeling that something bad might happen your guy will make you safe and protect you at all costs.

Being around him will give you a sense of security because deep down you know that despite you noticing it or not, your boyfriend is protecting you. He might not make a show of it, but it’s there. Your safety matters more to him than his own.

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