The 3 Main Reasons Why People Choose To Stay Single

The three main reasons why people choose stay single.

We all have that one friend who just never seems find success in relationships. Or maybe, perhaps that person is you. Maybe you’re the guy or the girl who just can’t seem to find a relationship that sticks. Maybe you just happen to be the subject of this article. Maybe you’re the person who just chooses to be perpetually single. 

Relationships are always complicated because of how inherently complex human beings are. There are so many things that we have yet to understand about the human body and the human mind. Not many of us realize it, but the makeup of our individual psychological states greatly impact our relationships. 

There have been substantial strides in the infant study of human behavior and psychology more specifically in relation to relationships and social interactions. There are just so many complicated human emotions involved in the dynamics of a relationship and it can be difficult to organize everything. But this particular article is going to focus around one central topic why some people just choose to remain single. 

Darwin once taught us that natural selection heavily favors the strong; how a species is able to carry on when its resolve to survive is greater than its threats. He also taught us that the strongest species are those that are able to reproduce without fail; the ones who are able to produce offspring to carry on the lineage of a particular specie. So why is it some people seem to be naturally inclined to just not cohabitate and mate with others? Why is it that some people make a conscious choice to just remain single even though it goes against all the supposed laws of nature and Darwinian evolution? For millennia, the human race has gladly participated in the phenomenon of reproduction in an effort to maintain the integrity and strength of the human species. So why is it that there are still some black sheep in the family? What exactly drives some people to make the choice to actually stay single?

Well, fortunately, some scholarly studies have already been exhausted in efforts to answer those questions. Some substantial research has found that there are nearly a hundred common reasons as to why single people choose to live a lifestyle that is independent of romantic relationships. However, ultimately, these reasons can be condensed into three simple categories. 

So if you want to get into the mind of these people and really figure out why they choose to remain single, then just read through until the end of this piece. Here are the three main reasons as to why people still choose to stay single in this day and age:

1. They value their principles of freedom and solitude.

It is no secret that when you get into a relationship with a person, you are going to have to make certain compromises. You are going to give up a few things about yourself every now and then to accommodate this new person into your life. You are going to be required to make a few sacrifices here and there to preserve the harmony of a relationship. To some people, this is just unacceptable. People who choose to remain single tend to say that they enjoy the freedom of being able to act on their own accord far too much. They are the people who don’t deal well with conflicts and who try to avoid having to make hard decisions. They don’t want to be put in positions of having to give up what they want for the sake of the relationship. 

2. They have physical constraints that prevent them from getting into relationships.

For some people who choose not to be in relationships, the reasons can be purely be based on physical constraints. For instance, some people may be terminally ill and may see the idea of getting into a long-term relationship rather pointless. For other people, perhaps human illness plays such a big role in their lives, and they would rather focus all of their energy on getting healthy rather than having to deal with maintaining a relationship. Other physical factors may also include a person’s inability to conceive, reproduce, or perform sexual actions. 

3. They lack the psychological resolve needed to maintain strong relationships.

Lastly, some people just aren’t mentally strong enough to maintain a relationship. At the end of the day, only mentally strong and mature individuals are those who can really sustain a long-term romantic union. Some people may feel that they still lack development in this aspect of their lives and so they will put off relationships for the time being. 

So there you have it. Those are the three main reasons as to why people still choose to remain single in this modern age where seemingly everyone wants to be in a relationship. You can’t blame these people for their lifestyle choices. You can’t judge them. You can only understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. If you happen to be someone who chooses to remain single, then hopefully this article has somehow helped enlighten you about your situation. Hopefully, you have gained a stronger resolve for this choice that you have made for yourself. 

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