2 Reasons Why Being Single Is Better Than Being In A Toxic Relationship

If you’re reading this, you’re probably old enough to know that the Hollywood hot pink kind of love that you see in movies is a far cry from reality.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably old enough to know that the Hollywood hot pink kind of love that you see in movies is a far cry from reality. Relationships don’t always end in happy ever after. Love doesn’t come to people as easily as they portray it to. Relationships take a lot of work and are huge pains in the butt. A lot of times, relationships can end up being incredibly toxic and emotionally damaging to the people involved in them. Bad relationships can burn bridges faster than anything else in life.

Destructive relationships have the potential to inflict deep emotional and psychological wounds that may take a very long time to heal. The sad thing is, many people are too afraid of being alone and what being alone means for their reputation. The fear of being single ends up forcing their hands into a relationship that they don’t deserve. They end up thinking that being in any kind of relationship is better than being alone no matter how toxic the relationship is.

That’s not always the case. Here are some of the top reasons why being single is a lot better than being in a toxic relationship:

1. Being in a toxic relationship is bad for your health; being single gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself.

It’s simple science really. Studies have shown that being in bad relationships can be potentially destructive to a person’s overall health. When you’re constantly finding yourself emotionally and physically abused in a relationship, it’s obvious that these experiences don’t help your well-being at all. You’re constantly left spiritually drained, unable to go on with life, because most of your energy is devoted to keeping a toxic relationship going.

If you are constantly being undervalued in a relationship, then you end up undervaluing yourself as a person. You forget about your self-worth and you no longer care about your own well-being. You might start letting your physical and mental health go, and no one else can possibly help fix it for you.

When you’re single, you’re given the chance to assess yourself on your own accord. You can evaluate how you are as a person and whether or not you’re living up to your full potential. You can pay attention to your body and what it demands from you. You are solely in charge of taking care of only yourself and you have absolutely no one else to worry about. All of your focus is diverted to your own well-being and you can really spend some time building yourself up to becoming the best possible version of yourself. – Continue reading on the next page

2. Being in a toxic relationship can ruin love for you forever; being single allows you to discover what you really want out of relationships.

A traumatizing relationship can leave emotional scars that are difficult to heal. You may need some extra time to recover (if you even recover at all) before stepping into another relationship. You’ve seen the destructive nature of relationships and so you’re now more hesitant about letting yourself fall in love. You’ve experienced the potential pain of heartbreak and you don’t want to subject yourself to such a high level of vulnerability ever again.

You don’t know if you’re strong enough to cope with another toxic relationship and so you avoid playing the game of love ever again. You don’t want to invest yourself in something that might end up just blowing up in your face.

The longer you stay single, the more you discover about yourself and what you prefer to look for in terms of relationships. You understand who you are a little more as every day goes by and you’re getting a clearer and clearer picture of your aspirations and dreams. You have a vision for yourself and your future partner, and you know exactly what you’re looking for in life. You’re not afraid to get into a relationship so as long as you’re certain about the person you’re going to be with.

You have so much love that’s bottled up inside you as a result of your prolonged single status, and when you do meet THE ONE, he/she is going to be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of that incredible love.

If you’ve been single for a really long time, don’t worry about it. You should also understand that not everyone is cut out to be in a relationship. What’s most important in life is how you see yourself and whether or not you live up to the standards that you alone can set.

You don’t have to live life based on how other people see you. Don’t be pressured to get into a relationship that isn’t right for you just because it’s what society expects of you. Focus on your own well-being and embrace your single self. You are awesome and you deserve whatever love you can afford to take, whether it comes from others or from yourself.

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