The Strongest Girls Are The Ones Who Have Lost Someone

She’s still strong because she didn’t let her loss taint her views of the world. She still carries the same kind of fervor, vibrancy, and zeal for life as she did when she was a little child.

She’s strong because she has to be. She is strong because she has no other choice. This girl has lost more than you could ever imagine, and yet she’s still standing. She understands that it feels like to be in genuine pain. She knows what it feels like to be kicked even when you’re down. She knows what it feels like to get hurt in irreparable ways. This is not the kind of pain that is felt when someone cheats on you. This is not the kind of pain one feels when being dumped or ditched. This is not the pain of some typical high school drama. This is the kind of pain that cuts much deeper than that. This is the pain that has broken a lot of people in ways that are beyond repair.

This is a girl who has been down to the bottom of the pit before. She has felt a certain kind of loneliness that can’t be fixed by the presence of friends. She has been heartbroken in the past and no rebounds or short flings will be enough to bring her back to the surface. She needed to find that strength within herself. She was the only person in the world who could save herself. You know why? Because a person was taken from her life. She has experienced a kind of loss that many others just can’t bear she experienced a permanent kind of loss. She has had to endure the pain that comes with this loss and she is continuing to bear it despite her difficulties.

Imagine the kind of strength it takes to be able to bear the pain of permanently losing someone that you build a strong connection with. She pushed all of her chips into the middle of the table when it came to this person. She was willing to risk it all. She built and cultivated a relationship that was built to last for decades. She gave up huge bulks of herself for this person. To her, this person brought a sense of completion and fulfilment in life. And yet, this person was ripped from her life so suddenly and so painfully like a Band-Aid being ripped from your skin. How does a person go on in life after having a huge part of their life taken away from them? It can be difficult to find the answer, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to inner strength, and that’s something she definitely doesn’t lack. 

Time is such a precious commodity. We all wish we could bargain for more of it, but there’s never really anyone we can bargain to. We can only make the most of the time that we’re given and sometimes, it’s just not enough. She had her time with this special person, but he didn’t stick around long enough for her to actually be content with it. Perhaps not even forever would have been enough for her. But this definitely wasn’t enough for her. She didn’t get the opportunity to hold him the ways that she wanted to. She never got the chance to say everything that she ought to have said. Life doesn’t always deal us the cards that we want, but we have to learn how to deal with it.

That should be okay. That’s how life works and we can’t really do anything about it. But don’t you dare call her weak for submitting to what life threw at her. She has fought like hell to survive the ordeal that she had to go through. Ever since he was ripped from her life, she has had to test her strength every single day. She even found herself questioning her own strength at times. She didn’t think that she could make it at first. She still isn’t sure if she’s going to be able to go all the way. But she’s going to try. And that’s all a strong person ever needs a chance to prove herself. 

She has showed her signs of weakness, but everyone has their weakest moments. But it’s during those moments where a person can really discover how strong they really are. Her loss has made her even stronger because she had to make do with what was left behind and it wasn’t much. 

But most of all, she’s still strong because she didn’t let her loss taint her views of the world. She still carries the same kind of fervor, vibrancy, and zeal for life as she did when she was a little child. Loss shook her core, but it didn’t change who she was. She persisted in her beliefs and she continues to live life today with the same kind of hope and love that she had in the past. 

That’s why she’s strong. She is the girl who has looked at loss right in the face, and she said No, I’m still stronger than you.

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