This 65-Year-Old Woman Stuns People With Her Natural Beauty And Shares Her Modeling Experience

The model Yazemeenah Rossi is different from most people in that she is elderly and in her 60s. Yet, many people could only see how lively she is as she participates in photoshoots at 65.

As an inspiration to her followers, Yazemeenah offers lessons on self-love in terms of aging and beauty.

Yazmeenah’s modeling career started as a last-minute request. She was a mom of two when she began.


Yazmeenah was contacted at the last minute to model when the original model was unavailable. She continued to pursue her career for the next few decades. Among the brands she has modeled for are YSL, Jil Sander, and Thierry Mugler.

Her gray hair was one of her greatest assets. Yazmeenah shared that she has had grey hair since she was 11.

Yazmeenah hears nasty comments about her silver hair at such a young age. She still embraced them and found the silver color magical. Negativity never affected her.


“In contrast, I was not intimidated by the critics, and I always stood by what I believed was right for me, particularly as a model,” she explains.


As one of the first models to have silver hair and standing for what I believed in, money has never been the factor that led me to commit acts of wrongdoing.

As she points out, accepting oneself involves changing one’s perspective: your white hair is just one of many wonders of your body!

A spiritual being, she has always had a connection with nature and the elements.

Her favorite beauty products and ingredients consist of natural ingredients. The key to her beauty lies in maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.

In addition, she exercises mainly through Yoga to maintain her physical health. “People used to think of me as a sports teacher or ballet dancer when I was young; it is a way to be in tune with the needs of the body.”

A bright smile adorns her face as silver hair adorns her head. The liveliness of her personality is just incredible.


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