This Couple With Down Syndrome Just Defied The Odds By Celebrating Their 24th Wedding Anniversary

These days, it seems like it’s damn near impossible to be able to find a fairytale ending to a relationship. You see marriages collapse left and right. You see your friends breaking up with their significant others. And over time, it can get really depressing. It can be really discouraging to know that love isn’t as pure and as amazing as you want it to be sometimes. But that’s just the truth. Love isn’t always going to be able to defy the odds. However, for this one couple with down syndrome, in particular, things were different.

Fighting the Odds

Couple With Down Syndrome

When you think of someone who has Down’s Syndrome, you wouldn’t really place that individual on the same footing as other human beings. It’s not that you would necessarily look down on them or think of them as lesser people per se. However, you do acknowledge that they are individuals with special needs. That means that you wouldn’t think that they would be able to take care of themselves in the same manner that most other people would. Again, the odds are stacked against these individuals in life.

However, if you take a look at the marriage of Tommy and Maryanne Pilling, you wouldn’t think that there are any odds stacked against them at all. This amazing couple, both of whom have Down’s Syndrome, has managed to prove all of the doubters wrong by celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary recently. They are an amazing testament to what love can do and how far it can really take a human being.

A Love for the Ages

Couple With Down Syndrome

The couple first met and fell in love more than two decades ago. They had decided to get married in a church in Essex back in the late 90s. This year, in 2019, they will be celebrating their 24th year of being happily married together. They are a living testament to the real power of love. This couple serves as an inspiration to so many people out there who still do truly believe in the magic of love and romance. As they celebrated two decades of being with one another, people on social media who were made aware of their story decided to join in.

Couple With Down Syndrome

They first met in 1991 at a daycare center. They dated for 18 months before Tommy decided to get down on one knee and propose to Maryanne. They got married in 1997, and it has been a magical ride for the both of them ever since. As they celebrated their 22nd anniversary back in 2017, the couple re-enacted the dance sequence from Dirty Dancing as they had done on their actual wedding day.

Lindi Newman, the sister of the blushing bride, recalled that Maryanne had always dreamed of a big wedding ever since she was a little kid. And eventually, it was Tommy who would be able to turn her dreams into a reality.

Adjusting to Married Life

Couple With Down Syndrome

After they had gotten married, the beautiful couple had begun to live independently within their own home. However, due to the potential complications that could be brought about by having Down’s Syndrome, Lindi and her family decided to move next door in case they were ever needed. But to this day, the couple has been as happy and as problem-free as can be.

According to Maryanne, she was surprised when Tommy decided to ask her to marry him. She says that they never really fight and that they are each other’s best friends. She also understands that they have many doubters, but she stays grateful to everyone who always shows love and support.

Couple With Down Syndrome

The story of their proposal is a unique one. Tommy didn’t have enough money to get a fancy ring, so he resorted to a plastic one – the kind that you would get from a vending machine. Maryanne’s mom, Linda, was aware of Tommy’s intentions, and she decided to help him pick the ring herself.

Currently, Lindi manages a Facebook page dedicated to the story of this unique and amazing couple. She says that they both serve as an inspiration for people who are looking for love in their own lives. In addition to that, Tommy and Maryanne also offer hope to kids who might have Down’s Syndrome all over the world. Truly, the power of love is amazing, and it has no limits.

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