This Is How You Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying It

Say it without words.

Saying that love is complicated might be the biggest understatement in the history of relationships. It’s more than just complicated. It’s like a nearly impossible maze that you have to navigate with a blindfold on. It’s a riddle that you have to solve even when you’re not given all the clues that you need. It’s like having to dunk a basketball on a 20ft hoop with your feet chained to 100lbs weights. 

Love is what makes people sleep soundly at night but it’s also what keeps people tossing and turning in their beds until the wee hours of the morning. Love is what inspires a lot of our favorite fairy tales with happy endings but it’s also what inspires the most heartbreaking narratives in the history of the world. Love can both excite and terrify you at the same time. Love can make you happy but it can also devastate you. At the end of the day, love is so infinitely complex that it becomes incredibly futile trying to rationalize it.

And part of the reason why love is such a tricky subject to rationalize is because it means so many different things to so many different people. We all take pieces and perspectives of love to forge our own personal understandings of it. And it’s always going to be different on a case to case basis. To add to that, there are so many feelings and emotions that come attached with being in love, it can become a very overwhelming ordeal just trying to make sense of it all.

And so that’s why it’s perfectly understandable for a lot of people to feel a little reluctant or hesitant to express their love for others. You might be too afraid that your idea of love doesn’t necessarily match that of your partner’s. And you don’t want to come off too strong. You don’t want to scare your partner away and mess everything up by actually making that admission. So you keep it to yourself, but you can’t contain it entirely. You still want to be able to express your love; and fortunately for you, there is a way to do that in a nonverbal manner. This is a way that you can express your love for someone without necessarily saying it.

1. Develop a deep and profound interest in your partner’s hobbies and passions.

One great way to express your love for your partner is when you take a genuine interest in their life. If you really take the time to learn and discover more about what their deepest passions and most favorite hobbies are, you are essentially telling them that you love them so much because you are obsessed with getting to know them better. You want to immerse yourself in their lives and you would do whatever it takes to develop a deeper connection with them. And you know that that sometimes means developing an interest in things that normally wouldn’t interest you just because you know that it would mean so much to them.

2. Grant them complete access to the most intimate parts of your life.

The same way that you would obsess over the intimate aspects of your partner’s life, you should let them into your own life as well. Let them know that you are an open book and that you want them to get to know you as much as possible.

3. Talk about the plans that you have for each other in the future.

Another way to show your love for your partner is to let them know that you consider them to be a vital aspect of your future. You want to let them know that you don’t see whatever you have as some temporary thing. You know that you have the potential to be something great, and so you don’t shy away from talks about the future.

4. Do anything that you can to make your partner feel just how important they are to you.

Importance. In a fast-paced world that we live in today, it’s absolutely imperative that we know how to be versatile and diverse. It’s imperative that we are able to multi-task; that we know how to juggle various priorities so that we don’t have any substantial deficiencies in various aspects of our lives. And sometimes, a lot of people make the mistake of pursuing their own personal goals and dreams too much, their relationships end up having to take a backseat. Don’t make that mistake. Let your partner feel just how much you value them by prioritizing them every once in a while.

5. Use your words without necessarily saying the L word.

You can still be verbal in your expression of your love without necessarily coming off to strong. You don’t have to say that you love them in order for you to make them feel loved with your words. Just be kind, affectionate, and most importantly, honest. And let that sincerity pour forth and your partner is bound to feel that love even when you don’t use the L word.

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