This Lucky Couple Welcomes Identical Twin Girls 6 Years After Having Identical Twin Boys

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Erin & Jake Credo, a beautiful couple from Louisiana, USA, have shared a fantastic marriage. Six years ago, they were blessed with identical twin boys. Identical twins are rare – to say the least. The first pregnancy wasn’t easy on the couple and required medical intervention to be successful – but that didn’t phase the couple as their struggles paid off with two beautiful identical twin boys!

Welcoming the twin boys, Cooper and Grant, into the family, the couple was happy and satisfied in their little haven. Six years after being blessed with the twin boys, the couple played around with the idea of trying again.

While speaking to Today, Erin spoke about the prospect of a future pregnancy:

“We were kind of on the fence about having more because I didn’t want to go through that again,”

They didn’t expect to have more children since the last pregnancy required medical help, and Erin didn’t think it could ever happen without the help. But this time, to the couple’s surprise, she got pregnant without any outside help.

When Erin went for her ultrasound on March 24, she talked about how it happened:

“I hurried up and found a doctor, and I know her nurse thought I was absolutely crazy because I was, like, ‘You don’t understand: I need an ultrasound or some blood work or something,”

According to Erin, she was sure that this pregnancy was about one baby, but to her surprise – it was another set of identical twins! She adds:

“When I had my ultrasound, I didn’t even know what to say. I texted a picture of the ultrasound to my husband, and he said, ‘Is that the boys?'”

To which, she replied:

“Nope. Round two,”

Erin adds:

“He was, like, ‘Oh, my God.’ Obviously, we were excited. We’ve done it before. Having twins, it’s all we know.”

Erin’s doctor, Dr. Cliff Moore, explained how rare and surprising it is to have TWO identical twin pregnancies:

“Only about 1 in 111,111 pregnancies results in a second set of identical twins,”

This couple beat some unbelievable odds. Dr. Cliff adds:

“To put that in perspective, we deliver approximately 8,000 babies at Woman’s Hospital each year, so we’d only see that about once every 15 years.”


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The couple welcomed their identical twin girls, Lola and Allie, on September 22. They, now, live a happy life with two sets of identical twins who love each other! As emotional creatures, we can only hope and plan for the kind of life we want, but some things in life are controlled by fate & it can beat any odds if the love between two people is real and endless. This couple’s story is a fine example of never giving up on hope and loving one another through the tough times.

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Source: Today

  1. Welcome to the data pool. I myself am an identical twin with identical twin sisters about 5 years younger. It’s rare, but not “that” rare

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