What Does it Mean When a Woman Says She’s Lonely?

When a woman says she’s lonely, it means she needs someone in her life. She needs someone to care for her and love her the way she deserves to be loved. She has been through a rough time; her exes made her feel miserable; she used to cry herself to sleep some nights. When she says she’s lonely, she is trying to tell you about her life. She wants you to know what happened to her that made her feel this way. That woman wants you in her life. Don’t ignore her, don’t doubt her emotions, she is a warrior, and she has been through more than her fair share.

When she says she’s lonely, it means she isn’t afraid of expressing her deepest, darkest fears in front of you. She is an open book with you. You should appreciate the fact that she is showing you the skeletons in her closet so early on in the relationship. Most people take ages to open up with their partners; some traumas go very deep.

When a woman says she’s lonely, you should be there for her and make her feel loved. You should be there for her when no one else is. She is asking you to be there for her, that’s the most honest form of help anyone can ask for. And it’s something that makes a difference. When she expresses her loneliness with you, share your emotions with her in return. Let her know what bothers you before going to bed at night, open up to her as she has opened up to you. Be her support system now, and she’ll protect you forever. A woman like that, who has seen such trauma in life, deserves to be loved and appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “What Does it Mean When a Woman Says She’s Lonely?

  1. Yes I’ve been lonely and am right now but I just got out of a very very toxic realtionship with a narrcist. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to date again. I lost myself and I trust no one

  2. My wife told me she is lonely and I don’t know what to doi don’t even understand how to help please I need advice.

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